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This is me, taken in Ptuj,
Slovenia in January of 1997.

My Ancestor Web Cards
I used to have my genealogy here, but no more. I expect sometime my web pages will be gone. I have been updating my genealogy on another site. Please look there. Join and add your own family, or make corrections to what I have found! You will have to excuse the looks and mess remaining; The programs I used for html are gone or no longer worked with upgrades to the operating system!

I am now using the LDS Ancestor File http://FamilySearch.org for all my genealogy. It is a great site, it is free, and I think it will last longer than commercial sites. You can search their information or even search in Ancestry.com. I love their site because it is free and easy to use; everyone can get a sign on and add their own family, or correct what they find. You will not find living persons in the system but you can add them and only you can see them. It is handy to add them to connect parts of the family that would otherwise be disconnected.

Would you like to read a brief history of how my family kept moving west?

How about the first article I wrote about my travels in Europe? At the same time the section on Slovenia from this article was published in Slovenija magazine. Neither told me they were going to publish them nor gave me a chance to update email addresses or anything. Neat to be published!

My Roots in America

Grandfather Robert Claire's Web Cards used to be here; go to FamilySearch.org

His ancestors and all their descendants in my file.
Most common surnames are Claire or Clere, Gass, and McFadin (McFadden).
Gass & McFadin Family Section

Grandmother Luella Gilpatrick's Web Cards the same go to FamilySearch

Most common surnames are Gilpatrick, Fergus, and Blackstone.
There is now a new section on the family Photo Shop Studio
that operated from 1924 to the end of 1972 in Sitka, Alaska.

Luella's mother Kate Blackstone Family:
Blackstone Family Section

Luella's father's Gilpatrick Family
Gilpatrick & Collins Family Section

Luella's father's mother's Fergus Family
Fergus Family Section

Bendorf is what I think of as Alasce!!!

My Roots in Alsace, France

(at times Germany), a narrative. En français.

My grandfather, Robert Dangel, His ancestors and all their descendants in my file are now in FamilySearch.org. Besides my family surname, there are Willig, Walter, Kessler, and Caspar families of Durlinsdorf and Koestlach in the Haut-Rhin department of France.
Much of the information on distant cousins in the Haut-Rhin is from Jacques-Henry Bauer and other cousins.

Alsacien Picture Album from my first trip or two.

Familles Les Dangel - Dengel - Dengelin - Dangeli
This used to be a link to a narrative of my surname, but it has disappeared so it is a link to the Center for Families in Alsace. What used to be above in a poor translation in English.

Newspaper article of May 1998 Reunion in Bendorf in English

and the same en français.

My father's contemporary and first cousin of my grandfather,
Arthur Dangel, is very interesting. Here is a translation in English of an article by his grandson Thiébault Dangel en français. It is about his experience during World War II when he was in three armies, French, German, and Free French. Not a pleasant experience. He told my father he could have come sooner to France meaning before 1944.

I have an article that was never published,
Visiting European Cousins
that would help new travelers finding their family. 

My first published article on genealogy and travel


I think of Anica and strudel when I think of Slovenia!!!

My Roots in Slovenia (Slovenija)

in English and also in Slovene -- slovenski -- a narrative.

Grandmother Josephine, Her ancestors and all their descendants in my file, are FamilySearch.org. This was part of Austria when her parents came to America. Surnames include Versic, Kramberger, Golob, Tement, Vrabl, and Simonic. Most of the family is from Ptuj, Slovenia, previously Pettau, Austria.

Information About Slovenia

Articles by Jim

Slovenian Picture Album from my first visit.

An article on Slovenian Home Cooked Food
same in Slovene Domaca kuhinja v Sloveniji.

Another article on the family small castle site The Manor at Rogoznica.

I have an article that was never published
Visiting European Cousins
that would help new travelers finding their family.


A Favorite Poem by France Preseren
Zdravljica -- A Toast.

History of Slovenes in Europe -- Veneti
A Review by Anton Skerbinc
Go here to find links to the subject.

Link to the
Slovenian Genealogical Society in the United States:

By or For Cousins

I had cousin Gregor Tement visit from Slovenia in 2001-- his pictures.
A narrative section on families of two of Grandmother's first cousins coming to America.

My Journey to Freedom,

How the Bevc Family Got Out of Yugoslavia,

Milena's Story

-- all three by Ladislav Bevc.

I interviewed cousin Janez Kramberger about his experiences in World War II with our cousin Branko Kramberger in English and also in Slovene -- slovenski -- an interesting read.

Click on the image to see a large Fan-Shaped Ancestor chart.
(Unfortunately this seems always out of date.)

(Click on the image to see a large Isothermic map.)

World map showing locations for Sitka, Alaska; San Francisco, California; Dayton, Ohio; Alsace, France; and Ptuj, Slovenija.

Sitka is the same winter temperature as Alsace and Slovenia
(Sitka=Alsace=Slovenia in January).
Further north of Sitka is colder like Dayton, Ohio, and Eastern Europe.

My Father's 250th Coast Artillery,

U. S. Army, World War II.

James R. Dangel
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Phone: 907-747-3348

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