Shawton Hill Road, Glassford Parish,
near Strathaven, Lanark, Scotland

early November 2000

Jim Dangel

The farms all seem to have cattle and sheep. There are a number of farms and buildings and the only way to determine which was Fergus family would be to research land records.

This windy Quaker burying ground dated 1675 is at the top of Shawton Hill. Our family was Presbyterian and I found them in the town cemetery where their Presbyterian Church used to stand. The Free Church is the present Presbyterian Church.

1731 and initials RH and MC on a barn on Shawton Hill Road.
Present inhabitants of the area said most all buildings are old enough to have been our Fergus family buildings. Everything looks like stone and slate roofs. All the living quarters have modern metal framed theropane windows so they do not look as they did.


1909 Memorial by grandchildren in America - blank stone was cropped out.

Old Fergus family grave stone but top is not readable. Bottom gives deaths of uncles.

Chapleton Parish Church (Presbyterian and was the Free Church) near the graveyard.
The old church was located in the empty spot in the graveyard.

The stained glass window inside the church.

A typical Shawton Hill Road residence with remodeled windows.

Roof support for one of the sheds. They build substantial buildings to last.


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