APRIL 1, 1797
FEBRUARY 12, 1806

[298 is the first page and ends James Parks of Greenoch who is not our family.]


At Glasgow the twelfth day of February Eighteen hundred and six years in presence of William Erskine Esquire Advocate Comprehend

Comprehend James Hawthorn writer here as Oras: for the executor after named and designated and gave in these the Disposition and settlement of the deceased William Fergus after insented desiring the same to be my issue in the Commissary Count Books of Glasgow for and whenever the tenor follows: Know all then by these presently that I William Fergus merchant in Kirkintilloch for the love and fareness which I have done and for others good causes and considerations do hereby give thanks assign dispose to and in favors of the said William Fergus and his heirs and assignees whomsoever all and sundry lands and appendages liens acquisitions rivers swans woods hills fishing lakes rooms waiting debts receivables and moveable and the whole goods years debts and sums of money which may be addable owing to me any manner or way at the time of my decease with the whole vouchers instructions and leniency thereof and lands and deeds granted and diligence and execution used and disclaimed for payment as security of the said debts and effects together with all might little interest and claim of right which I have and can intend to the said lands and hermitages means estate and effects pertaining and belonging to me at the time of my death reserving always to Marion Rennie my wife in the event of her surviving me and remaining my widow the lifement use and enjoyment during all the days and years of her lifetime of the room in the north end of the back tenement belonging to me lying near the cross of the Kirkintilloch and also of such articles of the furniture presently belonging to me as I shall set afront for furnishing the room to be so possessed by the said Marion Rennie but in the event of my failure to act upon of the said furniture then the said William Fergus shall allow his said mother the lifetime use of such articles as he shall think necessary for her and declaring that the said William Ferguson shall be _____ with the payment to the said Marion Rennie and my children after named as the sums following each to the Said Marion Rennie of a free yearly annually of six pounds sterling during all the years and days of her lifetime after my death payable by equal portions payable at Martinmas [November 11] and Whitsunday yearly commencing the first ____ payment at the first of these ______ which shall happen after my death to James Ferguson my second son a full yearly annuity of three pounds sterling to Mary Fergus my eldest Daughter now in life of a free yearly annuity of two pounds

pounds sterling and to Margaret Fergus my youngest Daughter of free yearly annuity of two pounds sterling payable the said annuity to my said children at two terms in the year ____ and whils under by equal portions commencing the first being payment of the first of these _____ shall final happen after my death and thereby declare that the annuity payable to the said Mary Fergus shall not be assignable by her nor attachable by John Maitland her husband in virtue of his just moral and other ways and that the said annuity shall never be liable to his deeds nor subject to the diligence of his conditions but in the event of the deaths of either of the said Mary or Margaret Fergus before the youngest of their children shall have allowed the age of fourteen years then I hereby declare that the said annuities payable to my said daughters shall continue to be paid by the said William Fergus to the children of my said daughters equally among them by and until the youngest of such children have allowed the said age of fourteen years and I will and approve that the said William Fergus my son shall deliver to the said James Fergus my second son in the event of his returning to this country a bed frame with a borded or canvas bottom also like for a bed bolster and two pillows and one pair of (haness) and one pair of linen sheets three pairs of blankets and a bedcover also the grate in the back room presently possessed by myself with whatever body claims thinks shall belong to me at the time of my decease Moreover I hereby bind and oblige me my heirs and successors to Insese and sease the said William Fergus heir and assignees in the whole lands and other, above chaproned for that purpose to make Grant Subscribe and deliver to the said William Fergus and his fores and all writs Deeds and Conveyances containing procumaling of reassignment and preceipt of season and all other usual clauses necessary and requisite for fully realizing and establishing the premises in their prevailing with power to the foresaid William Fergus to call from sue for, uplift receive and discharge the debts goods and effects hereby dispensed and generally do each and everything in relation to the premises which I could have done myself granting hereof but always with

and under the payment of my lawful debts and deeds and payment of the funeral expense of me and the said Marion Rennie my wife reserving always not only my own lifement of the subjects by one disproved but also full frames and liberty to me to after and evoke these presents in whole or in part as I shall think out any time of my life and I hereby appoint and _____ the said William Fergus to my sole executor sole legator and unchangeable innumerator with my subjects hereby secluding all others from that office thereof and confirm if needful and in general the same powers which are executor nominated is known to possess dispensing with the not delivery hereof and declaring these presents to be now due that found lyking by me at the time of my death or in the custody of any other person to whom I may have unwanted undelivered and I consent to the registration hereof in the Books of Council and Session as in any other Court Books competent therein to remain for presentation and constitute

                Prans:  In witness whereof these presents written on this and the two preceding pages of stamped paper by McNeal Clark to John Clark writer in Glasgow one subscribed by me with and under this Declaration that the annuities provided to my daughters Mary and Margaret Fergus in the event above mentioned are to be continued until the youngest of them present children only during arrive at the age of fourteen years at Kirkintilloch the twenty third day of February seventeen hundred and ninety nine years Before these witnesses John Sinclair merchant in Kirkintilloch and the said John Clark signed William Clark, John Sinclair witness.  John Clark witness