Jim's connection to Gass & McFadin families

with connections to related families,

cousins and other family of the cousins,

as McDades etc.

I am related to these families by my grandfather, Robert Brierly Claire. His mother was Nannie Powell Gass. Her mother was Sally Ann McFadin. Nannie's brother was William T. Gass, who married a Maud McDade. Their daughter Nellie Gass married a Charles Nunn. Nellie was a genealogist and collector of family information. All the information collected in this section is thanks to her.

Links to other pages of mine with information on these families:

Nellie Gass Nunn's Notes. These are transcriptions of her typewritten notes she compiled and distributed within her family.

Bible Pages for Gass and McFadin families. These are the images of the two bible pages I was able to copy. The images are detailed so you can download them for yourself. The data in them was transcribed by Nellie and verified by Jim.

Pages from the book The John Stephen McFadin Family of North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana and Kansas by Maude A. McFadin. 1971. See Jim's notes on the name combination John Stephen in the section below, as the name combination is an error.

History of Warren County, Kentucky, with a paragraph on a McFadin in the book History of Kentucky by Lewis Collins, originally published in 1847, is interesting.

There is an error in the name of our ancestor in the book by Maude McFadin. She apparently used a summary of data in the county court house and did not look at the original data. The original clearly said John or Stephen. The or is at the end of the third line.

This is corrected in a family book that is still available to purchase, not from me, but I can put you in contact if you wish. The book is The McFadden Family 1700-1998: A Biographical Account of John McFadden and His Descendants, by Etta R. (McFadden) Otto. 1998. Published by her nephew Lennis B. McFadden of Rochester, New York.

The spelling of McFadin varies considerably and I have no explanation why descendants changed their spelling. It appears that Maude was born McFadden but changed her name back to the original McFadin. Her father is the first one in her line to use McFadden.

McFadin and a number of other variations are clearly written in the old documents included in the McFadden book of Etta.

Thank you Etta and Maude for your research!
You have made it easy for those that follow.

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