Gerald Witt wrote this book in 1986. It is no longer available, but he has allowed me to present some of it in my web pages. As with the narrative of his grandmother, the text is not available as a text file due to all the computer changes, etc. I could not use my OCR to give text that was reasonably correct. So I think the next best thing is to give JPG files that are readable on screen, without extra space and size of all the borders and page numbers. You may download the JPG files to your computer then print them in any size you like.

Back Cover

Pages 14-17.

Gerald gives the 1860 Federal Census of Kerr County, which on page 24 has his Denton family enumerated in Precinct II of Comfort, Texas.

This Elizabeth Denton and her brother are siblings of Jim's great great grandmother Sally Ann McFadin Gass, who settled in Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, on the Red River.

Family number 67.

Elizabeth Denton age 51 female Farmer born Kentucky
Amenda Denton age 16 female
born Kentucky
Joseph Denton age 14 male
born Kentucky
David Denton age 13 male
born Kentucky
California Denton age 11 female
born Kentucky
E. A. McFaden age 49 male Farmer born Kentucky

Denton family on pages 123 and 124

And last but not least, Witt family from pages 219 to 225.

Done!, Well I hope I have all those that are most useful that are common to both our family lines, and all them in the correct order! Let me know what you think.

I decided to include a few pages for friends of mine in Sitka that are in Geralds book.
Click here to go see them! The Allen Lowrance family.

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