Nellie at age 2

Records of
Nellie Gass Nunn

From an original set of carbon copies from her typewriter given to her son William Nunn. A few pages were her carbon copies collected from other cousins.

Please excuse the lack of order, I am sure Nellie knew their corrrect order, but I do not!

Only changes made that are not noted are to add or remove an occasional stray character.

Bible Records of Alexander Jackson McDade & Mary Ann Miller McDade, now in the hands of Judge Noel McDade, Clayton, New Mexico, (now Dumas Texas.). The bible was published by Moore, Wilstocj & Overend, in 1855.

Marriages. not given,


Alexander Jackson McDade                born  July 28th, 1815
Mary Ann Miller McDade                      "    Sept. 5th, 1819
Flavius Josephus McDade                      "     Nov. 1st. 1840
Phillis Rebecca McDade                         "    Jan. 16th 1842
Edward James Alexander McDade          "    Dec. 12th,1846
Frances Ann Catherine McDade              "    May 6th 1845
Martha Louisa McDade                          "    May 21st, 1848
Alexander Jackson McDade Jr.               "    Dec. 20th, 1849
Mary Eliza McDade                               "     Oct. 15th, 1851
Exer Maud McDade                               "     Oct. 13th, 1853
Leona Theresa McDade                         "     April 25th, 1855
Luther Eugene McDade                         "     Feby. 22, 1857
Milton Arthur McDade                           "     Dec. 16th, 1858
William Asberry McDade                       "     Nov. 23, 1860
Robert Ernest McDade                           "     May 13th, 1863


Alexander Jackson McDade                died   July 8th, 1889
Flavius Josephus McDade                      "      Oct. 4th, 1841
Mary Eliza McDade                               "      April 27th, 1876
Phillis Rebecca McDade                         "      Jan. 17th, 1904
Martha Louisa McDade                          "      May 14th, 1902
Luther Eugene McDade                          "      Feb. 19th, 1918
Edward James McDade                          "      Feb. 19th, 1918
Frances Ann Catherine McDade              "      Aug. 10th, 1919
Alexander Jackson McDade, Jr.               "      Feb. 18th, 1929
Leona Theresa McDade                          "      Feb. 20th, 1934
Joseph La Fayette McDade                     "      Oct. 31st, 1944
Milton Arthur McDade                           "      Aug. 12th, 1947
Exer Maud McDade Gass                       "      Dec. 1st, 1941
William Asberry McDade                        "      Dec. 11th, 1852
Robert Ernest McDade                           "      Sept. 11th, 1954
Mary Ann Miller McDade                       "      Dec. 2nd, 1896

The following is copied from

"Early Settlers of Montgomery County, Alabama, by
W. G. Robertson, published in 1892."
"The McDade Brothers"

 "There were four brothers from Georgia, by the name of McDade, who settled in the immediate neighborhood of Mt. Meigis- Charles, Alexander, James and William.

 They were not wealthy but were in easy circumstances and were regarded as among the best citizens of the County. Charles has two sons living. Alexander and James have no children living. William McDade owned one of the prettiest places in the Mt Meigis neighborhood. He was the Father of Dr. George W. McDade."

Historical Sketch of the McDade Clan.

Copied from the "Scottish Tartans". published by W. & A. K. Johnston, LTD London England, W.C. 1.

 The Mac Dade, MacDaid, was a Cept. of the Davidson Clan, (not being large enough to be a clan of itself,) of Scotland.

 The Davidsons were Celtic. Their Clan Pipe music, is "Tulloch's Salute." All that is known of their first chief is that his name was David. Their home like that of the Cumins was in Badencock. In 1296, along with the MacKintoshes and MacPhersons, they met the Camerons in battle of Internahaven. The McPhersons was MacDhais (Davidson) disputed priority. Mackintosh favoured the Davidsons, and the McPhersons left the field. The Camerons were victorius. The Macphersons fell upon the Camerons and defeated them in turn. The Macphersons and the Davidsons now fell out. Reconcilitation being useless, it was arranged that thirty men should be selected from each side to fight for the mastery. Robert III was umpire. The battle was fought on the North Inch of Perth in 1396 (note 100 years has passed). Only one Davidson was left alive. Since then they figured but slightly in History. Tolloch in Ross-shire, is the residence of the Chief. He is the heredity keeper of the "Royal Castle of Dingwall".

 According to various authorities the Plant Badges of the Clan is the Red Whortelberry (Cowberry).

 The colors in the Clan Tartan are green, blue and red with the green prefominating in the plaid.

 Quoting from Scottish Tartans "To the true Celt the tartan is the symbol of an ancient and revered state of society, in which the head of the Clan is the to be known as a kind and considerate father of every dependent. Every member of the same clan or subdivision of a Clan had a common surname and united, homage and unswerving service in peace and war freely given to the chief, who was the protectrate of all. A clan was thus a family.

(This is for your information only- to Nell Nunn from Mrs. Bonner).

(Notation of FYB)  These papers are for your information and not to sent with your papers. (Keep this for your records)

 The following are a few facts that are of interest to us who descend from James McDade.:

 James McDade lived in the following states: North Carolina, where he had a land grant: In South Carolina, where he served in the Rev.; In Georgia, and for a short time in Alabama. The grandaughter of Charles and "Ediney" (Adeline) who knew her grandmother well, having lived near her from her birth until her Mother's death. (When she herself , was a married woman and with several children) told so much that her grandmother had told her. This grandmother, "Edney" told her that James McDade came to Ala. with his sons and died soon after reaching there. That he apparently was a widower as she never heard of his wife. She and other grandchild said she told them that James, was the first person to be buried in Manning Graveyard. There was no newspaper at that time and I have found no court records so we have to depand on the family records. I have heard Manning Springs Graveyard was so named because a Manning who had married William McDade's daughter, gave the plot of ground for the graveyard. Two of Charles McDade's sons put up this wall around the lot, but there was so many graves it is now that for a number of years people have been buried "outside of the Wall".

 In 1760 James McDade had grant of land in North Carolina, Anson County. After many disputes between No. and So. Carolinas, the line was finally established and James McDade, along with a number of others who called themselves "Freeholders" petitioned Gov. Bull of South Carolina to quit title to their land, "As they now found themselves in South Carolina". This section later became Spartenburg, S.C.

 Ten years later in 1785, James McDade made an affidavit about some land which had been sold by one Burchfield to one McBee. This then was Spartanburg, Dist. and proves that James McDade was living in this district in 1785. The fact the So. Car. paid him for Rev. Services shows that he served in that state.

 James McDade lived in No. Carolina until about 1775, then in what was called the "New Acquistion" which became So. Carolina, and Spartenburg Dist. (See Sally's "Boundary Line between North and South Carolina, Bul. No. 10, Page 30.).

 When Jas. McDade left for Georgia is not known. He apparently moved there sometime between 1785 and 1788 for he signed an affidavit in 1785, and one of his sons was born in Georgia in 1788. He paid tax in Georgia in 1792-3-4, perhaps earlier. See Ruth Balir's Tax Digest.

 From the records of Warren Co. Georgia which had been created in 1793, we find that in 1798 James McDade sold to Robert Barton 100 acres on Rockey Comfort Creek. This was signed by James and Elizabeth McDade. The marriage of James and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth's surname has not been found. (The name Wilkins appears in so many of the sons names, we wonder if she was not a Wilkins") As he had a son born in 1778, three years after he found his lands to be in So. Carolina it is possible that they were married in South Carolina, as S.C. had no marriage records. It is impossible to find date of their marriage or her surname.

 When Elizabeth died is not known. Tradition in the family is that she had died before the sons and daughter came to Alabama. (Possibly in Warren Co. Ga., bringing their old Father with them, as they came between 1818 and 1820, it is safe to say that he died about or prior to 1818.

 There is a deed in the Montgomery Court House on April 30th, 1819, Wm. Germany Sr. deeded a negro girl named Nancy, born Dec. 25, 1816 to his grandchild, Polly McDade, daughter of William McDade of Montgomery, Ala.

 This proves two things, 1st that Wm. Germany was the Father of Mary, 1st. wife of Wm. McDade, and 2nd, that Wm. was living in Montgomery in 1819.


Copy of a Letter.

War Department:
Adjutant General's Office,
Washington, D.C.  June 10th, 1931.

 The records of this office show services in the War of 1812, in Georgia Orginsations as follows:

 Alexander McDade, Sergeant, Capt. Henry Crowell's Co. 1st Regiment, (Chambers) Georgia Malitia. His services commenced Oct. 2nd, 1812 and ended April 15th, 1813.

 Lynn McDade, private Capt. Williams Cummings Co. 1st Reg. (Chambers) Georgia Militia. His services commenced Oct. 11th, 1812, and ended 4/17/1813.

 Charles McDade, Private, Edmond Hopson's Co. 3rd Regiment (Fews) Georgia Militia. His services commenced Sept. 26, 1814, and ended March 2/1815. The records indicate that his place of reidence (residence) was Washington County.

 Thomas McDade, Private Capt. Thomas Glasscock's Co. 3rd Reg. (Fews) Georgia Militia. His services commenced Sept. 26, 1814, ended March 2, 1815.

 William McDade, Private Capt. Jas. Hamilton's Co. Artillery, Georgia Militia. His services commenced Nov 14, 1814, and ended March 9th, 1815.

 No record has been found in this office of the service in the War of 1812 in a Georgia organization of any other man surnamed McDade.

                                                   C. H. Bridges, Maj. Gen.
                                                     The Adjutant General

(Copy of letter to be attached to 1812 application.) Nell Nunn.

 I have another notation that Alexander Jackson McDade, married in Montgomery, Co. Ala. Mary Ann Miller on Dec. 4th, 1849.

 I do not have this among my Montgomery Co. marriage records, but as Alex. J. did not go to La. until about 1855 to 1860, he must have married somewhere in Ala. (Married Dec. 4, 1839) Nell Nunn.

 On Aug. 22nd 1817, and Sept. 22nd, 1817, William McDade of Baldwin County Georgia applied for or petitioned for land in Ala. through Milledgville Land Office. This was after he married his third wife, Rosanna Livermore, July 15th, 1817. So it would appear that Rebecca (Ham) McDade had died in Baldwin County. Her death was only six months before he married Rosanna. Having a house full of young children made it necessary for him to marry as soon as possible.

The following is Important.

 When in Milledgville, Baldwin County, about a year and a half ago I copied this notation:
 "McDade"    Estate of Bartlett Ham, deceased, in account with
                  Wm. McDade in right of his wife, Rebecca Ham, Admx.
                   B. Ham, his wages as solder, Retuned 4-1-1816
                   Bartlett's Ham children listed as William, Milton,
                   Melinda, Stephen and John."
 This was credited to Warren Co. Ga. The property or the wages due B. Ham were evidently in Warren County, altho Wm. and wife, were then living in Baldwin County. I am sorry I did not make a complete copy of the paper. It did not occur to me that I would need it. I simply copied it with the idea that it might help a friend of mine here, a Miss Ham. Then too I thought I would like to have it to include in the list of William's children and step-children, having heard it said that Dr. Geo. McDade stated that he had 20 half, whole and step-brothers and sisters.

 If interested write to Ordinary of Baldwin Co. She is a woman and very helpful. Give her the name of Wm. McDade, Bartlett Ham, and the Admx. Rebecca Ham, and the date 1816. You might also write Warren County giving them the date and names, etc. and ask if they have the administration of the Estate of Bartlett Ham. Doubt if you can get much information from Warren County.


 From the History of Louisa, by Chambers, published in 1925
Quote "The McDade family has been one of the exceptional prominence in Northern La. where many of them have been among the most successful and wealthy citizens, with planting as their chief occupation, though some have ranked in merchandising, banking and public affairs. As a family they represent the best type of the Scotch race. The first American ancestor on coming to this coundry located in Va.".
 You may have seen this. I have heard a couple of other Texans, McDades, say that they settled in Va. but I have searched and searched but have not found proof of this. Have you?

 The first record of a man by the name of McDade in Va. was the simple reference of a deed from "Pennington to McDade". I can get no information about this from the County mentioned, Surry Co. This was later than I found the McDade in Pennsylvania.


Page 650, May, 1957, Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine.
Land Grants to 3 McDade Fighters of War of 1812.
In the State of Georgia.

 The First State Capitol of Georgia was at Milledgville, Ga. These records came out of this old capitol.

 From the Peter Forney Chapter, through the Alabama Genealogical Committee, (1937). Index to records from Receiver's office at Milledgville, Georgia, U.S. Land Office, in August-November, 1817.

 (2) Miller, George, Columbia Co. Ga, Aug. 5, 1817.

 (71) Manning, James, Madison Co. Miss. Ter. Aug 7, 1817.

 (88) Germany, William Sr. Montgomery Co. Miss. Ter. Aug. 22, 1817.

 (128) McDade, Alexander, Washington Co. Ga. Aug. 22, 1817.

 (135) McDade, William, Baldwin Co. Ga. Sept. 22, 1817.

 (222) McDade, Charles, Washington Co. Ga. Oct. 8, 1817.

 (222) Miller, Daniel, Alabama Terr. Oct. 22, 1817.

(I listed some likely connections in these land grants, other than McDade)  Nell Nunn.

 This land was given to the 1812 Fighters for their efforts in the War of 1812.

 (Notation by Nell Gass Nunn) Our Alexander Jackson & Mary Ann Miller McDade bible does not give the marriages of their children. I do not know the dates of marriages, but will give to whom they married and where buried.

Alexander Jackson mrd. Mary Ann Miller, in Montogmery Ala, both buried at Fillmore Cemetery, Bossier Paris, La. (close to Shreveport, La.)

Flavius Josephus McDade, died when a year old, buried at Fillmore C.

Mary Eliza McDade, never married, buried at New Hope Cemetery, North of Bonham, Texas, when Father and Mother came to live in Fannin Co, Texas for a while.

Phillia Rebecca McDade, married Gus Boone, and am sure is buried at Fillmore.

Martha Louisa McDade, married Jim Platt, and is buried at Fillmore.

Luther Eugene McDade, married Nona Griffith, and is buried at Fillmore.

Edward James McDade, (don't know who he married) but is buried in the Alba, Texas, cemetery (East Texas).

Frances Ann Catherine McDade, never married, buried at Fillmore.

Alexander Jackson McDade, Jr. married Mary Miller, buried at Denton, Texas.

Leona Theresa McDade, never married, buried at Fillmore.

Joseph La. Fayette McDade, married Jane Jennings, both buried at Dumas, Texas.

Milton Arthur McDade, never married, buried at Fillmore.

Exer Maude McDade, married William Thomas Gass, both buried at Inglish Cemetery, Bonham, Texas.

William Asberry McDade, never married, buried at Fillmore.

Robert Ernest McDade, never married, buried at Fillmore Cemetery.

Mrs. Bonner of Birmingham, Ala. gives some bible records, given to her by the grand daughter of William McDade, and his last wife, Annabella, Turner, (not our line as we came through the line marriage to Rebecca Ham) She was the daughter of Dr. George Wilkins McDade. This Dr. McDade was the one who went to South America, (Brazil) with the Southern people who left the South after the Civil War. He was the doctor for the ship. The births are the same as our in the William McDade record, but gives the marriage names of the girls in the death record, which our bible does not give.

William McDade & Mary Germany mrd. near Milledgeville, Ga. 8/13-1799
Polly McDade Manning died Aug 21, 1847
Elizabeth McDade Hickman died Sept. 21, 1850
Catherine McDade Abney died May 26, 1857
Mary Ann McDade Henderson died July 6, 1857
Louisa McDade Abney died Sept. 19, 1877
Rebecca McDade Holloway died Aug. 30, 1894
Dr. Geo. Wilkins McDade died Aug. 30, 1893
Mary Eliz Micou McDade, (his wife) died Jan 25, 1925


 Judging you by myself, I believe you will be interested in the extracts from the letter from Dr. George Wilkins McDade's daughter.

                                                                  Oct. 1, 1931.
Dear Florelle:

 I appreciated and enjoyed your letter. We broke up housekeeping at my Mother's death as all of the children are married. ***

 You asked me to tell you all I know about the McDade family, which is very little. Wish it was so I could help you in tracing the genealogy. Mother once had my Father's bible, but in some way it was misplaced. My grandmother was Miss Turner. She was William McDade's fourth wife. He died soon after my Father's birth. She died when my Father was about two years old. My Father then lived with his sister until they (her family) moved to La. My Father was then about ten years old. He then lived with his guardian, Dr. Lucas at Mt. Meigs. I have often heard him say he was the youngest of 16 children. I never knew but one Uncle, Frank, and one aunt, Rebecca Holloway. They were his own brothers and sisters. All of the family moved to La. and Texas. He visited the relatives, brothers and sisters in Texas. Have heard him speak of his neice, a Miss Patton, "Out there".

 (Then she gave me the name of someone who might help me FYB)

My Dear Florelle:

 I was most pleased to hear from you and fuly intended answering your letter much sooner, for I knew you had asked several questions regarding the McDade family.

 Last Spring while visiting my brother George McDade in Montgomery (He move there from some place up North FYB) I went to Enterprise to see my cousin, Father's neice, Della. Her sister, Louisa Carter, was there from Ft. Worth, Texas. They could tell me very little about my Father's relation. However, I found that their brother Will had the family bible so we went to see him and he gave me the list of the names of my grandfather William McDade's family, written by my Father, that he gave to his sister Rebecca. Will gave me the copy written by my Father, so I am sure it is correct, with all of the dates of William McDade's marriages, theirs and their children births and deaths, all except Nancy, Alexander, Jackson, who was the son of his second marriage, and Neal Franklin. I've heard that one of my grandfather's wives had only one child; Also that one wife had no children, this was Rosanna Livermore. So his first wiffe, Mary Germany had six children and Anabella M. Turner, my Father's Mother, his fourth wife, had nine children. The oldest was John. ****

 My grandfather, William McDade, is said to have been buried at his Cousin Alex McDade's burying ground near Mt. Meigs.

 Father visited his relatives in Tex. when I was a child. They lived around Bonham, in Fannin Co. Some of the sisters and brothers moved to Shreveport when he ( father) was quite young.

 Cousin Mary Hill, (Mary McDade) now owns the old Dt. Lucus home where Father spent his boyhood, as Dt. Lucas was his guardian.

 His sister, Rebecca Holloway, is the only one of remain in Ala. Rebecca lived with her sister Louisa Abney until she married Uncle Ace Holloway. Then the Abneys moved to La. or Tex. Uncle Frank came once to visit my Father and Aunt Rebecca. I think they lived in La. We were then living in Montgomery.

(Notation by FYB). This is the original letter sent to me by the Sec. of State of North Carolina. Do not send it in with application to the Daughters of American Colonists if you should join, but instead, have a copy made- keep the original for any further use.

(Notation by Nell Nunn) These are the original field notes of the Land Grant in North Carolina, and later proven to be in South Carolina, of the land granted to James McDade, our Revolutionary Ancestor. (The line between North and South Carolina was straightened.)


 James McDade, 200 Anson, Beginning at a pine on the No. Et. side of Lynches Creek, and runs Thence No. 45 Wt. 200 poles up said Creek, to Red Oak; Thence So. 45 ft. 160 poles crossing said creek to a pine; Thence So. 45 ft. 200 poles down to a red oak; Thence crossing said creek to the first Station. Dated 8th day of Jany. 1760
                                                          Arthur Dobbs,
Land Grant Book No. 13, Page No. 310, File No. 1497
"Lynch Creek rises in present Anson.


(Notation by FYB) In case you ever want to join the Dau. of Am. Coloniesta use these references for this same James McDade, Rev. Soldier.
Vol. 6, Page 638, Colonist and State Records of North Carolina.


 At the Council held at Wilmington the 8th day of December, 1761, it was ordered that James McDade's Patent bearing date Jan. 8, 1760 be enrolled in the Audotor's office.

 A petition was presented to Gov. Bull by the number of land owners of Anson County, North Carolina, to quit title to land, which when the line between North and South Carolina was drawn to be South Carolina, May 15th, 1775.

 James McDade was a signer and all subscribers to the petition were called "Freeholders,"
Vol. ii, Page 250-252, Colonial and State Records.
                                         Same as in Volume 9.

Work Sheet
National Society, United States Daughters of 1812.

Name of ancestor, William McDade,
Montgomery, Alabama.

William McDade was born in South Carolina on April 20, 1778, was a citizen of Georgia, and died near Mt. Meigs, Alabama, on 7/19/1835

Services of Ancestor
Private in Capt. James Hamilton's Co. of Volunteer Artillery, Georgia Militia, Company Muster Roll, dated Mar. 9, 1815, at Sanbury, services commenced Nov. 14, 1814, and expired of service March 9th, 1815.

References Only

Department of Archives and History, Washington, D.C. Copy of letter from the adjutant General's Office, War. Dept. Washington, D.C. dated June 10th, 1931, and signed by C.H. Bridges, Maj. Gen. herewith attached.

(give family for yourself through William McDade.)

Reference for Lineage,  )    As in DAR papers.
Bible References, etc.   (

Give if possible, the following date: My 1812 ancestor was married:
(1) to Mary Germany.......Near Milledgeville, Ga.  8/13/1799
(2) to Rebecca Ham, Supposedly Georgia,              6/13/1814
(3) to Rosanna Livermore,   "             "                    7/15/1817
(4) to Annabelle Turner, Montgomery, Co. Ala.      5/2/1819

Children of my 1812 ancestor
(By each marriage is married more than once)

Names.                           Dates of Birth,             To Whom Married.

1st Marriage, (Wm.)
    Elizabeth McDade,       6/13/1800                  James (?) Hickman
    Sally McDade,              8/21/1802                   --------
    Nancy McDade,            1/2/1805                    Jas. Shaver, 1/9/1821
                                                                         Recd. Montg.Co.Crt.House
    Jas. G. McDade,             5/31/1807                  Nancy Miller
    William W. McDade,     9/29/1810                   --------
    Polly McDade,              12/23/1812                 John Manning, 3/28/1828
2nd Marriage, (Wm.)
    Alexander Jackson McDade, 7/28/1815  Mary Ann Miller, sister to Nancy Miller
3rd Marriage, (Wm.)    Had no children. (Rosanna Livermore, wife)
4th Marriage, (Wm.)
    Daniel Turner McDade,  9/28/1821
    Louisa McDade,              3/31/1823               1st, Patton; 2nd A.A. Abney
    Effema Jane McDade,     5/7/1825                  Henderson
    Catherine (Kate) McDade, 3/23/1827             A.A. Abney, (one who later married her sister)
    Neal Franklin McDade,   4/28/1829
    Mary Ann McDade,         4/4/1831                   Dan'l J. (?) Henderson
    Rebecca McDade,            2/9/1833                   Asa (Ace) Holloway
    George Wilkins McDade, 1/4/1835                  Mary Elizabeth Micou.

[It is uncertain if the following is really the next page or not; it still seems something is missing.]

 Gr. Gr. Gr. Grandfather, William McDade from his bible records, now in the hands of Judge Noel McDade, Clayton, New Mexico (Later Dumas, Tex)

6th Gr. Gr. Gr. Gr. Grandfather, James McDade, (see records Mrs.Florelle Y. Bonner, Nat. No. 269819. permission given to Mrs. Nell Nunn, Jan 20, 1956, to examine her papers, (consent to be given by Nell Gass Nunn to me.

 Children of Revolutionary Ancestors.
1.      To whom married more than once.
William, born Apr. 2, 1778, 1st. Mary Germany, 8/13/1799
     2nd Rebecca Ham, widow, 6/13/1814
     3rd Rosanna Livermore, 7/1/1817
     4th Annabelle Turner, 2/5/1818

Harriet, born S.C. 1781,.....mrs. Jacob Cobb, mr. Ga. 1799

Charles, Br. S. Ca. or Ga., prior to 1786, ...Mr. Adeline Fields, 3/12/1808 Wash Co. Ga.

James, born Ga. 5/13/1788 m 1st wife, not known, (2nd sons Alex & Wm.
                                            Married 2nd; Sarah Diamond, widow, 10/19/1828

John, died 1825, Montgomery, Ala. Mrd. Mar. 5/1786, married Delilah Frizzle, 8/14/1805

Alexander, died in Wash Co. Tex. birth not known, Anna Armstrong, daughter of John Armstrong, at Jasper Co. Ga., died Not known, Mrd. Nov. 27. 1817.


Private, in South Carolina under Col. Anderson, Please see supplemental application of Mrs. Floelle Y. Bonner, (Mrs. Jas. C.) Natl. No. 269819, permission attached.

 The said James McDade is the ancestor who assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of Private, in S. Ca.

 Give references by Volume and page to the documentary or other authorities for Military Record, where reference is made to unpublished or inaccessable records of service, the applicant must fix the official copy.

Book R.T.P. 233; Lib. No. 175, A.S.Salley Stub. Indents: Janie Rexvel Records on Rev. Sol.

Mrs. Bonner's DAR papers in Washington are restricted but she wrote them permission to examine for the purpose of aiding my line. As soon as my line is established, I can give permission for my papers to anyone I want to give them to. The only one I have to prove is our Revolutionary Soldier, James McDade, as I have bible records for all the rest.

January 20th, 1956
Mrs. Nunn:

 These are some random notes too:

 First let me say this: You will note that one John McDade died in 1825; This is the list of deaths of William's family that Cousin Mattie Royster gave me: William's son John was born as you know in 1820. Now, William's brother John died in 1825 and I am wondering if this was put in the McDade records as the brother of William or the son of William, who according to birth could not have been over five years old. You may have absolute proof of this (It was the son of William, ) (Nell Nunn).

 Do you know anything about the John McDade who was in the War of Mexico? "I have the following notations "John McDade, 2nd Lt. Santa Fe Battalion, Volunteers in U.S. Service, during the War with Mexico, 1846-48; John McDade, (bro of Wm.) had a son John Jr; Charles McDade, been in the War with Mexico. So would William's son, had he lived,. I have not done any checking on this soldier, John McDade, because I went in the Order of Mexican War on my Mother's Father side. If you can find where any William's son did serve in that War you willl be eligible to membership in that organization.

 You will notice that on your D A R application I marked in red "DO NOT GIVE" permission for your papers to be examined. This was for your and my protection. This work I have done on the McDade cost over the years, in paying records, paying for genealogists, hotel bills, railroad and bus fares, twenty-five-hundred dollars. Now you are paying for your records on your ancestors, James McDade, the Rev. Sol. the original landowner, and the 1812 record of your William. I feel that we should not leave our papers open for any Tom, Dick, and Harry to benefit by them. You can give permission, after your papers have passed to anyone you wish, just as I am doing now in this.

 You will note in the Bible records that Effema Jane McDade was a daughter of William and was born May 7th, 1825, (Last page of 1812 paper) She married a Henderson. The Court House record in Montgomery gives the following: Elihu Henderson married "Ufenia I" McDade, Jan. 12, 1841, Robt. Lide, J.P. performed the ceremony. Quote: "They were married in the presence of witnesses" This is in Book E. Montgomery Co. Ala. This was badly written and I am sure it meant Effema. J. McDade. I have another record where quote "Effie McDade married Elihu Henderson" another brother of Daniel Henderson, who married Katherine McDade. This I feel sure will prove that this girl was one and the same. Another record I have says that Eliza, daughter of William, married a Manning. We know that Polly married John Manning. Cold Polly and Eliza have been the same person or could my informant have been mistaken as to name? My Mother's first cousin Martha Parker, told me.

 When I go to Montgomery and I hope it will be soon, I'll see if I can find anything on the administration of estate of your William and send to you. If there is anything not clear in these papers please write me. Id'd love to hear from you as soon as you receive them.

Very Sincerely,
Floelle Y. Bonner.


Vol. I, Page 1. Scotch-Irish of Northhampton, Penn, (County)

"Quote" "The Scotch-Irish were Scotch English people, who had gone to Ireland, to make up estates of Irish Rebel confiscation under Queen Elizabeth and James I. The same King was King of Scotland as James VI encouraged his Presbyterian subject to emigrate to Ireland and occupy the confiscated lands".

 The migration began about 75 years before founding of Penn. toward the middle of the same century the confiscation of Irish lands by Cromwell encreased the immigration. Many English joined them.

 "These people English and Scotch who occupied Ireland in this way have usually been known in England as Ulstermen and with us as Scotch-Irish. They are totally different in character as well as in religion from the native Irish.

 "They became famous in history for their heoric defense of Londonderry against James II.

 The movement of America began about 1700 and continued for 40 or 50 years. Some went to Virginia, some to Maryland, and many to Pennsylvania. (This was the Scotch-Irish element as a wholde, but there were later some McDades.)

 "They wanted some land as their own and would have no neighbors but their own people.

 The following is taken from Irish Family names by Patrick Kelley:

 McDaid, MacDaveyd, MacDeyt, McDavid, MacDavitt, MacDevitt; Devitt; Daid, Dake, Devitt, etc. came from the Gaeltic form of the personal name David; The surname originated with the children of David O'Doherty, who was killed in 1208. The family was originally seated in Ulster.

 O'Doherty root name decarach, (Unfortunate) family originally branch of Civil Connaill, They were chiefs of the Cinel Enna Aosha Miodhair, from which they advanced to control of Innishower, at close of 14th century, In reigh of James I, their leader, Sir Cahir O'Dogherty, rebelled, suffered defeat and was outlawed. Later the name became widespreat throut Eire. Gaelic Motto translated, "Army and Country"


Taken from "The Clans and Tartans of Scotland" by Robert Bain,
Publisher, Collins, London & Glasgow" 1938,

Davidson  (McDade)

Clansmen's Crest: A stag's head, erased, proper.
Motto: Sapienter si sincere (wisely if sincerely)
Gaelic Name: MacDhaibhidh.

    When the power of the comyns began to wane in Badenoch, Donald Dubh of Invernahaven, Chief of the Davidsons, having married the daughter of Angus, 6th of MacKintosh, sought the protection of William, 7th of MacKintosh, before 1350, and became associated with the Clan Chattan confederation.

    The Clan became known as the Clan Dhai from David Dubh of Invernahaven their first chief. Their entry into the Clan Chattan led to a dispute apparently regarding precedence. A portion of MacKintosh's estate lying in Lochaber was let to the Camerons and MacKintosh had difficulty in obtaining rent from it. About 1370 the Camerons decided to attack MacKintosh, who prepared to meet them at the head of several branches of the Clan Chattan. When the forces came into sight of each other, the Macphersons, owing to their dispute with the Davidsons, withdrew frdom the conflict, and Clan Chattan were defeated. During the night, MacKintosh sent his bard as coming from the Camerons to the camp of the Macphersons and accused them of cowardice. This enraged, the Macphersons attacked the Camerons during the night and completely defeated them.

    The enmity between the two branches continued, and by some historians the Davidsons are identified with the Clan Dhai who fought with the Macphersons in the famous Clan Battle of the North Inch of Perth in 1396, before King Robert I, when only one man of the Clan Dhai survived, and eleven of their opponents remained alive at the termination of the combat.

    In the 18th century we find important families like the Davidsons and of Cantray and the Davidsons of Tulloch. The latter family came into possession of the lands and castle of Tulloch, near Dingwall in 1762.

    There is also a Davidson of Tulloch tartan.

    Origin of the Name: Gaelic Daibhidh, (David)
    Badge: Red Whortleberry.
    Pipe Music: Tulloch Castle.


    The Coat-of-Arms is very pretty and the write up of it is interesting.

    The seat of this family is Scotland and was a Sept. of the Davidson Clan. Later this Clan took protection of William Mackintosh and have ever since been regarded as a Sept of the Clan Chattan.

    Writers say that a "Coat of Arms has always been the indisputable appendage of a gentleman and an object of price and display and that Heraldry faithfully reflects the culture and knowledge of the periods in which they lived". The bearing of Coat of Arms cannot be traced prior to the Norman Invasion in 1066.

    The following are books on the subject that are really worth while if you care to study the subject on Heraldry.

    Wade: "Symbolisms of Heraldry"
    Burke: "Encyclopeaida of Heraldry"
    Lower: "Dictionary of Family Names" and many others.

    The colors in the McDade Coat of Arms are said to signify Godliness: Releiver of the distressed and everlasting charity; boldness and wisdom of and generosity. The hands and animals signify that the bearer must be in readiness to attend the business of the public, and that the bearer has the wit to penetrate and understand matters of highest importance; and that he would rather stand on his own ground honestley than to annoy another wrongfully.

    The Motto is: Viget in cinere virtue;
    "Virtue flourishes after death."

    In Vol. I of Scotch-Irish of Northhampton Co. Penn. is an intersting account of the Scotch-Irish immigration of America and gives an insight unto the reasons for these people coming to this country.

    Our McDades, MacDeades, McDaids, MacDeeds, were Scotch-Irish and a great many of them were found in Penn. in the early years, about 1750-1770.

    I havenot yet connected them with ours, because it is definite that our family was in N. C. as early as 1760.


MacFadyen, Maclain of Lochbuie, (McFadin)

Origin of the name: Gaelic MacGhille-Eoin (son of the servant of John).

Badge: Blackberry,

Pipe Music: Lament for MacLaine of Lochbuie

Clansman's Crest: A battleax in pale with two branches in saltire dexter a laurel, sinster a cypress, all proper.

Motto: Vincere vel mori (to conquer or die)

Gaelic Name: MacGhille Eoin.

 The Maclaines of Lochbuie were descended from Eachan Raeanoch?, brother of Lachlan the progenitor of the MacLains? of Durat. Eachan, or Hector received the lands from John, 1st Lord of the Isles, his brother's father-in-law. Hector's son Charles was the progenitor of the MacLeans of Dochgarroch, a sept of Clan Chattan.

 John Og, of Lochbuie, received from James IV charters confirming the lands and baronies held by his progenitors. He was killed with two of his sons in a fued with the McLeans of Duart, and the surviving son, Murdoch, being an infant, was conveyed to Ireland for safety. Returning when he reached manhood, he captured Lochbuie Castle with the aid of his nurse, who recognised him. In Edinburgh, before the King and Court, his son, John Mor, an expert swordsman, fought and killed a famous Italian fencer who challenged all Scotland.

 The MacLaines were strong supporters of the Stuarts, formed part of the army of Mantrose, and afterwards fought at Killiecrankie under Viscount Dundee. In later years they found scope for their military activities in the Continental and American Wars.

 Donald, 21st, of Lochbuie, born in 1816, amassed a fortune as an East India merchant and saved Lochbuie for the family by clearing off all the debt, but the estate was subsequently lost to the family.

[There is a hand-drawn plaid but the colors was lost in the copy and legends are not good so were not copied.]


Cowan-Colquhoun, Mac Dougall,

Book written by Robert Bain, published 1937.

Origin of Name: Placename, Dumbartonshire,

Badge: Dogberry, Hazel,

War Cry: Cnoc Ealachain,

Pipe Music: The Colquhoun's March,

Clansmen's Crest: A hart's head, couped, gules, attired argent,

Motto: Si je puis (If I can),

Gaelic name: Maca' Chombaich.

 This clan takes its name from the lands of Colquhoun in the County of Dumbarton. These lands were granted to Humphrey of Kilpatrick by Malcolm, Earl of Lennox, in the time of Alexander II. Sir Robert Kilpatrick, of Colquhoun, married the daughter of the laird of Luss, and since then the chief has been described as of Colquhoun and Luss.

 In 1602 a desperate battle was fought between the Colquhouns and the MacGregors. After a conference between the two clans the Colquhouns hoped to trap the MacGregors in Glenfruin, but their intention was anticipated by Alastair MacGregor of Glenstrae, and after a bloody conflict the Colquhouns were singally defeated and their chief killed. In revenge they made a dramatic representation to the King and the Clan Gregor was proscribed and their name forbidden under pain of death.

 Sir John Colquhoun (c. 1621-1678) known as the "Black Cock of the West" was a man of ability and learning who took a prominent part in public affairs and was a member of the first parliament after the Restoration.

 Sir Humphrey, 18th chief, surrendered his baronetcy for a new grant to himself and his daughter and his son-in-law, James Grant. Owing to this provision two Grants in succession had to resign the estates which then passed to a younger son of James Grant, from whom the present Luss family are descended.

 The Plaid shown in colors: Is in three shades of green, a white and red stripe defining the squares, and a black stripe in the background.

The Coat-of-arms is shown, (rather the Crest).

John McFadin Sr. Rutherforton, North Carolina, Rutherford county. (Father)
John McFadin, Jr. Warren county, Kentucky, (son)

 John McFadin Jr. was the third son of John McFadin, Sr. and wife, Hannah. Their children were: William, James, John Jr., Samuel, Elias, Andrew, Stephen, and Alexander and one daughter, Margaret. John McFadin Sr.'s will is on file at the Lincoln County Court House, at Lincolnton, N.C. He died in 1776. He made his will in Old Tyron Co. N. C. March 25th, 1776; The will was proved in July, 1777. The settlement of the estate is on record at the court house at Rutherfordton, N.C. The sons settled it were Alexander, James, John Jr., Stephen, Samuel and William. The mother died before 1783, when the final settlement was made.

 Jillson Land Grants, South of Green River, p. 372; John McFadin, 131 acres, date 9-2-1799, Christian Co., W. Fk. Red River, Ky. (John McFadin Jr.)

 The McFadins came from Ireland about 1740. The son, William was born in Ireland. In 1776 they made cloth for the colonies and were in Baltimore; Alexander McFadin had a factory at Fredericksburg, Md. and was paid by the Council of Safety. Our John took his family into the hills of North Carolina, and built a Fort at Rutherfordton. (Then Old Tyron County) Rutherford County, Fort McFadin in 1760.

 The history of Old Fort of Kentucky gives John McFadin Jr. at Fort Squire Boone in 1780. There is a record that John McFadin Jr. went to Ky. with Boone in 1779, Boone's Station.

John McFadin Jr. Family Records:

 John McFadin Jr. born 1758, in North Carolina, died at Bowling Green, Ky. in 1839, married Margaret Elder, North Carolina.

 John's will is listed equity #1324, Warren County Circuit Court, filed in 1839, (Bowling Green, Kentucky). (I have written for this): Samuel McFadin, Thomas McFadin, John H. McFadin, Elias B. McFadin, (born 1771, died March 5, 1848); (children); married Nancy Stringfield born Sept. 17th, 1776; died Sept. 13th, 1832; (this is the one we came through; married Nancy Stringfield, Wade McFadin, Missouri McFadin, m. Steadman Jenkins; d. 1839; Cynthia McFadin m. Elish White, died 1839; Sally McFadin, John Jenkins. (Nancy Stringfield and Elias B. McFadin were married April 8, 1802; McFadin, "Son of Little Pad, a pet form of Patrick noble or patriotic."


 A few facts about Elias B. McFadin: Grants South of Green River, Ky. 1790 Tax Records:
Elias B. McFadin...100 acres, Book 4, p. 322, 8-28-1799 of Beaver Creek in Warren County, Ky.
Elias B. McFadin, 200 acres, Book 4, p. 332, 6-30-1807, Same place [or ? in final of book where chapter 4 came from]
 "      "        "          200 acres, Book 4, page 333, 6-27-1807, Warren County, on Ray's Creek;
The above are listed in Filson's Club Publications, Vol. 33, "Old Kentucky Land Grants

 The record of this Elias McFadin is in the Rutherford Co. Court House, Rutherford, Co. N. C. Deed Book 25, p. 264. (This was one of John McFadin's Sr. son).

 In the Glasglow Library, Ky. there is a history of the McFadin Ferry.

 John McFadin, Rev. records, Military C. Kentucky; "John McFadin is from John McFadin and wife, Hannah, John's wife, Tyron County, N. C."

 Historical Register of Virginia in the Revolution: John McFadin of Kentucky; 74, military pension list: John McFadin, Ky. Mil. C.

 Also John McFadin is listed in Collins History of Kentucky. He came out with Boone in 1780 (or 1779).

 Elias McFadin "The Corn Stalk Malita of Ky", 1792-1811 by G. Glenn Clift; Commercial Officers, p. 185, Elias McFadin 1806-18-11, Cirnet of Horse Co. 25 Regiment 1805.

 "Historical Register of Va. in Rev. John H. Gwatney"

 The Virginia State Library of Richmond, Va. at the George Rogers Clark paper on file: Here is John McFadin who came to Kentucky with Boone, (see p. 67, Vol. 34. "Magazine of History and Biography." John McFadin was in the Kentucky Malita, John died in Warren County, Ky.

 There are two volumes of Collins History of Kentucky, published in 1792, in where he gives an account of John McFadin (at McFadin  Fort) in Kentucky, he sponsered a food race between a Virginian and Kentucky Hunter, Ramey. He put up a gallon of whiskey, and the rocks hurt the Virginian's feet and Ramey won the race.

Chapter 4.
John McFadin, Jr.

 John was the third son of John Stephen McFadin [sic, see comments from book The McFadden Family 1700-1998, A Biographical Account of John McFadden and His Descendants by Etta R. (McFadden) Otto--it is John and the John Stephen came from a summary that actually said John or Stephen.], born possibly near Boston, in the middle 1840's. The exact place and date of birth are not proved. He died in Warren Co., Kentucky; His will and settlement of the estates are on file at Bowling Green, Kentucky Court House. The Estate papers are dated 26 Nov. 1839. In his will John named the following: Samuel, Thomas, John H.; Elias B., Wade, Missouri, wife of Stearman Jenkins; Sallie, wife of John Jenkins, and Cynthia, wife of Elisha White; both Cynthia and Elisha were deceased in 1833, and their children were named to receive Cynthia's share of the estate; the White children were Mary E., John C., William, Sarah and Thomas.

 The date of John McFadin's marriage is unknown. Mrs. Chas. G. Nunn of Bonham, Texas, a descendant of John's fourth son, Elias B. McFadin, has Elias's bible, which gives Elias's birth date as Nov. 10, 1771, in North Carolina. This means that John's three older children were probably born in the 1760's before the family left Maryland.

 At Lincoln County Court House, Lincolnton, N. C. is the record of a deed dated 1774 from John McFadin to John McFadin, Sr. for the sale of 200 acres of land. See Deed Book 2, p. 227.

#1324, Equity, Warren County Circuit Court, Bowling Green, Ky. Geo. Supter, Adm. of John McFadin Estate Nov. 26, 1838.
20. Elias B. McFadin bible owned by Mrs. Chas. G. Nunn, Bonham, Texas, descendent of John McFadin.
 Later on 26 March, 1784, after the death of John Sr. and Hannah, his wife, John McFadin Jr. signed Power of Attorney to his youngest brother, Alexander, to sell a tract of land on Knob Creek, in Rutherford Co., N. C. to Moses Ferguson; at the date John was living in Boonsborough, Ky.

 John Jr. went on to Ky. before 1779. In the winter of 1779, he was at Painter Stone Fort with Squire Boone. Lewis Collins, in his history of Kentucky lists John McFadin in the Kentucky Malita during the year 1779-1780, and gives his military pension number 74. John was also in Tennessee early in 1780's In 1780-1785 he was on Red River with his brothers, James and Andrew. Just when he brought his family to Kentucky is not known, but Willis Estates that the family of John McFadin was at Painted Stone the winter of 1779.

 Mrs. Nunn has sent the writer a list of the children of Elias B. McFadin, b. Nov 10, 1771, died March 5, 1848 in Warren County, Kentucky on April 8, 1802 he married Nancy Stringfellow [sic, should be Stringfield], born Sept. 17, 1775 [sic, should be 1776], died Sept. 13. 1832.

21; Will Book, A.N.C.D. April Court 1785, Rutherford County Court House, Rutherfordton, N. C.
22 a; Collins, Lewis (Judge of the Mason Co. Court; History of Kentucky, 2 vol. published, Kentucky Histories Society, Frankfort, Reprint 1866.
22 B; wills, History of Shelby County, Kentucky, Boone Station, 1779
23; marriage record, Warren County Court House, Bowling Green, Ky.
see Footnotes #20.
 The children of Elias B. McFadin, named in the Bible are as follows:
 Elias B. McFadin, b. 11-?-1771  (
                                                                       Married 4-8-1802
 Nancy McFadin, b. 9-17-1776    (

 James G. McFadin, b. 1-16-1803; Cynthia McFadin, b. 18-8-1806; Joseph Ray McFadin, b. 1-24-1807; Elizabeth McFadin, b. 2-18-1809; Elias Asbury McFadin, b. Nov. 25th, 1810; Alford McFadin b. Dec. 22, 1813; Sally Ann McFadin, b. Sept. 4th, 1816; Cynthia McFadin was born Oct. 8, 1804 and died 7th Sept 1819; Elias B. McFadin died March 5th, 1848, at five minutes after eleven, morning.
 Joseph R. McFadin died Jan. 18th, 1824;
 Nancy McFadin died Sept. 12th, 1832 (Mother)


Notes not in the Bible. This Elias B. McFadin was the son of John McFadin, Jr. who came to Kentucky with Boone in 1780. Elias was 9 years old when he came to Kentucky with his family, and they were stationed at Squire Boone's Fort. John McFadin was in Company C. Kentucky Malita during the Revolution in Kentucky. John McFadin Jr. was the son of John and Hannah McFadin of Rutherfordton North Carolina (Old Tyron); John McFadin Sr. had a Fort there during the Revolution. In Scotland and Ireland they were weavers, and made cloth for the Americans during the Revolution after coming here. His sons fought in the Revolution from this Fort in North Carolina.

[This is from a preliminary copy of the book by Maude A. McFadin; pages available will be included in a separate section.]

Children of Andrew P. Gass and Sarah Ann McFadin:

Mary Jane, born 8-5-1843, died 1-1-1861; William T. Gass, born 11-24-1845,;
Mrs. Nannie Givan, 1st. marriage, 2-13-1869
Married 2nd time: Exer Maud McDade, 11-1-1883;
Joseph A. Gass, born 2-10-1848, d. St. Joe, Texas; Sam Fain Gass, b. 2-20-1851; mrd. Sept. 1875, died St. Joe Texas; Sarah Ann Gass, born 8-21-1855; mar. J. C. Cobb; mrd. 10-29-1878, Dodd City, Texas; Nancy G. Gass, born 3-13-1858, Bob Clair [sic, actually Claire and she died in Austin], died Houston, Texas;

 Children of William Thomas Gass and Nannie Givan, (W. T. Gass 1st Mrg.) (W. T. Gass born 1845) Mary Gass, eldest daughter of W. T. and Nannie Gass, born May 20, 1870; Infant daughter (no name) born Feb. 12, 1872; Wm. Givan Gass, b. Jan. 24, 1874; (oldest son of first marriage; Bessie Gass, born Sept. 20, 1876, mrd. Riley Barlow. (both buried at Waco Texas.)
 2nd. marriage:
Exer Maud McDade, b. 10-13-1853. died 12-1-1941; married 11/1/1883; William T. Gass, b. 11/24/1845, Dandridge, Tenn., son of Andrew P. Gass and Sarah A. McFadin Gass; died 5/16/1914, Bonham, Texas, to which place he moved with his family; married Maude McDade, Fillmore, La. Bossier Parrish.
Eight children:
1. Mary Gass, b. 10/30/1885. (one of the twins) died San Angelo, Texas 2/21/1950. mrd. 1st Jas P. Miller; two children James Porter & Richard (both dead);
2nd mrg. Geo. P. Neal; one son Geo. Neal, Jr. (he has sons and lives at Odessa, Texas.)
2. Fannie Gass, twin to Mary, d. Alexandria, La. d. 11/30/1952; m. 4/29/1906,  B.N. Smith: Had four daughters: Irene Cooke, Catherine Schultz, Ruth Amacker, and Mrs. Irving Legendre (Eloise);
3. Maud Valentine Gass, b. 2/14/1887, d. 8/30/1887;
4. Thomas Alexander Gass, born 6/28/1888, died Waco, Texas, 3/25/1920, buried Bonham, Texas;
5. Clovia Hill Gass, b. 3/27/1890. m. D. A. Holder. children, Robert, Marie, Frances Dave; 2nd Marriage Thomas Gilbreath, d. Feb. 7-1961, age 72 years. One son by 2nd Mrs. Thomas Gilbreath, mrd. Terrell, Texas;
6. Irene Gass, b. 11/5/1891; mrd. 9/23/1914; Roy C.; Johnston, d. Sept. 23 1914; buried Greenville, Texas; Children: Nell, Maryanne Miller, Sarah Bickley, Roy C. Johnston, Jr., Dorthey and Betty Lou Ice (Mrs. Lannie Ice);
7. Arthur Edward Gass, b. 9/9/1894, Mrd. Alice Fooshee, 6/23/1923, d. March 21, 1970, Ladonia, Texas; one son, Arthur Gass, Jr. and six grand children;
8. Nellie Rebecca Gass. b. 4/8/1896; mrd. 4/30/1921 Chas. G. Nunn, who died in Bonham, Texas in 1959; in handwriting added: Died 3 Jan 1979 - B - Bonham, Texas
Children: (3) children
 1. William Hiestand, Jan 15, 1922; mrd. Marie Carlsen May 28, 1943; Port Arthur, Texas; 4 children: Louise Nunn, Mrd. Wayne Lenzmier, (1) baby boy, Bryan Lenzmier, 1970. 2nd child: Nell Nunn, Aug 3, 1945 [sic, should be 1948, in Denton, Texas]: Anne Nunn, Oct. 23, 1952 in Greeley, Colorado; Rebecca Nunn, b. June 25, 1958 (St. Cloud, Minn.)
 2nd child: Mary Buckner Nunn, b. Aug. 21, 1923. Mrd. F. H. Cowan, 17 July, 1943 (3) children: Mary Lea, 4/19/44 (Mrs. Paul Lallah, (Chicago); Charles Nunn Cowan, 2/28/50; Lydia Cowan, 2/5/52
 3. John Milton Nunn, b. Oct. 27, 1927; mrd. Margaret Browning; Sherman, Texas; (2 children) Thomas Marshall Nunn, 5/3/1954 [sic, believe it is May]; Vicki Nunn, 6/5/55 [sic, believe it is June 8th];

History of Elias B. McFadin Bible.

 Explanatory notes upon the New Testament by John Wesley late fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, Vol. 1. Third American Edition, New York, published by Daniel Hitt and Thomas Ware, for the Methodist connection in the United States, John G. Totten, Printer, 1812.

 "Elias B. McFadin was born Nov. 10th, 1771; was married April 8th, 1802 to Nancy McFadin, who was born Sept. 17, 1776.
Children: James G. McFadin was born Jan. 16th, 1803; Cynthia McFadin born 8th Oct. 1804; Joseph Ray McFadin born Jan 24th, 1807; Elizabeth McFadin born Feb. 18th, 1809; Elias Asbury McFadin, was born Nov. 25th, 1810; Alford Franklin McFadin was born December 22nd, 1813; Sally Ann McFadin, born September 4th, 1816;

 Cynthia McFadin was born Oct. 8th, 1804 and died 7th September 1819. Her funeral preached by Rev. Charles Halladay, Dec. 26th, 1819; "Daniel 12, Chapter, Verse 2, "And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth, shall awake, some to everlasting life, some to everlasting contempt."

 Elias B. McFadin died March 5th, 1848 at five minutes after eleven, morning.
 Joseph R. McFadin, died Jan. 18th, 1824.
 Nancy McFadin died Sept. 12th, 1832 (Mother)

 Notes not in the Bible. This Elias B. McFadin was the third son of John McFadin, Jr. who came to Kentucky with Boone in 1780. Elias B. was 8 years old when he came to Ky. with his Father, and they were stationed at Squire Boone's Fort. John McFadin was in Co. C. Kentucky Malita, during the Revolution in Ky. John McFadin Jr. was the son of John McFadin Sr. and wife Hannah Rutherfordton, rutherford County, North Carolina, (Old Tyron); John McFadin Sr. had a Fort there before and during the Revolution. (The Virkus Books gives records of Rev. Soldiers granting land for their efforts in the Rev.)

 In Scotland and Ireland they were weavers and made cloth for the Americans during the Revolution in America. John McFadin Sr. had eight sons and one daughter. The sons fought in the Revolution.

 Treasured Volume: Through thoughtfulness of Mrs. T.T. Reynolds of San Antonio, a long lost family Bible is back with a member of the family that once treasured it. Mrs. Charles Nunn of Bonham received the 147 year old Bible recently from Mrs. Reynolds who said it was found by her grand-father 50 years ago in a ranch house near Banders. It contains records of a McFadin family. When Mrs. Reynolds learned that Mrs. Nunn was a McFadin descendant, she sent the Bible to the Bonham Matron.
 Mrs. Nunn recalled that a relative, Elizabeth McFadin Denton, went to Kerr County about 1850, and it is possible she carried the bible to Hill County. The leather bound volume was published in London in 1812 for "The Methodist connection with explantory notes by John Wesley, A.M. late fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford".
 The first McFadin record is that of the birth in 1771, and death of Elias McFadin, and among others the birth in 1816 of his daughter, Sallie Ann McFadin, who was Mrs. Nunn's grandmother.
 Elizabeth McFadin Denton, was a widow; She, her four children and two single brothers, Elias Asbury McFadin and Alford Franklin McFadin, with four slaves came to Kerr County and bought a ranch. Her brother Elias Asbury with her 10 year old son, set out for Brownsville, Texas, to buy horses for the ranch off of a Spanish Ship. The ranch they bought was to raise horses, as in the early days horses were important for transportation and cultivating food to feed the nation. A Mexican way-layed this Alford and the 10 yearl old Denton boy, robbed them and killed them. They were buried in the Brownsville Cemetery. (This was around 1851) The horses that the American colonist had came from Spain, as there were no horses here when Columbus came to America.

 Miss Ann McFadin from Corpus Christi, Texas, heard that Mrs. Reynolds had a rare McFadin bible, and she and her sister went to San Antonio to see it. She and Mrs. Nunn had been corresponding on the McFadin research, and the minute she saw the bible, she knew it was Mrs. Nunn's McFadin line, Mrs. Nunn wrote Mrs. Reynolds and offered to buy the Bible, (as she had had it in her library 50 years), but Mrs. Reynolds would not accept any money for it- she said she wanted to put it in the hands of its owner. Her family bought this McFadin Ranch, and they had moved off and left it on a closet shelf. Mrs. Reynolds said her family still own the ranch.
(Mrs. T. T. Reynolds, 111 Ewing Place, San Antonio, Texas)


"From The North Carolinian Magazine: June, 1958;
Rutherford County, Will Book: A, 1782-1791.
Page 16, 1787-Power of Attorney, (fiels (?) Pruett of 96 Dist. S.C. to William Twetty- to recover from John King (Married a McFadin)
Page 51- 1790, Receipt, William McFadin to Capt. Alexander McFadin, re: estates of John or Stephen McFadin, deceased.
[sic, Exactly, see book by Etta R. (McFadden) Otto.]


 (Miss Maude A. McFadin, 339. N. Ridgewood Drive, Wichita, Kansas, 67208) She is planning on publishing the McFadin Book.
[She died July 25, 1982. Her book was titled The John Stephen McFadin Family of North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana and Kansas; see separate section.]

Will of McFadin, March 25th, 1776

This Will is of record at the Court House of Lincoln County, N. Carolina, written in the hand writing of John McFadin, whose property was in Rutherford County. In the beginning Rutherford and Lincoln Counties were a part of Old Tyrone County, and many counties were made of Tyrone. This is our immigrant ancestor.

 IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, the Twenty Fifth day of March in the year One Thousand Seven hundred and seventy six, I, John McFaddin of North Carolina, in the County of Tyron, being very frail and weak in body but of pefect mind and memory, thanks being given unto God therefor, calling unto Mind and Mortallity of my body, and Knowing that it is appointed for all Men once to dye, do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament; that is to say principally, and first of all I gave and Recommend my soul unto the hands unto God that gave it, and for my body, I recommend it to the earth, to be buryed in a Christian like and decent manner at the discretion of my Executors, nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Mighty Power of God, and as touching such worldly Estates wherewith it has pleased God to Bless me in this life, I Gave, Devise and Dispose of the same in the following manner and form--

 IMPREMES: It is my will and I do order, that in the first place all my Just Debts and Funeral charges be paid and satisfied.

 ITEM: I give and bequeath unto Hannah, my dearly beloved wife, the Plantation I now live on During her life time, likewise the Plantation tools and Housol furniture; Likewise all my Horses, mares and cattle not heretofore mentioned; after payment is made of my debts to be hers during her lifetime.

 ITEM: I give and bequeath unto William McFaddin my beloved and oldest son one cow.

 ITEM: I give and bequeath unto my dearly beloved sons James, John, Sam'l and Andrew McFadin to each of them the sum of five shillings to be paid out of my Estate.

 ITEM: I gave and bequeath unto Stephen and to Alexander McFadin, my well beloved sons the Plantation I now live on, and all my lands to them and to their heirs and assigns for ever to be theirs after the Discease of their Mother to be divided equally between them accordingly as hereafter Mentioned. I do allow my Son Stephen to have the side of the Creek we now live on, being the West side from Taylors Line, runing up the creek as it meanders to a pond, and the first crook above where the fencing is on the Creek. Now from thence up and croping the top of the Big Hill westward and to my son Alexander to have all the East side from Taylors Line up the creek and what is above said Pond and Bent of the Creek at the West side.

 ITEM: I gave and bequeath unto my well beloved Daughter, Margaret McFaden, one bed and furniture, likewise one Rone mare now 3 years old.

 ITEM: After the discease of my Dearly Beloved wife Hannah all my Goods and Chattels and Housol furniture, with all my Estate remaining to be equally divided among my sons Stephen and Alexander and my daughter Margaret.

 I likewise Constitute, make and ordain my well beloved son, Alex'r McFadin executor and my Dearly beloved Wife Executrix of this my Last Will and Testament, and I do hereby utterly Disallow, Revoke and Disannul and every other former Testaments, Wills, Legacies and Executors, by me in any ways before this Time named, Willed, and bequeathed. Ratifying and confirming this and no other, to be my Last Will and Testament, IN WITNESS THEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and seal the Day and year above written,
                                                   John McFadin  (SEAL)

Signed, sealed, published,
pronounced and Declared by the
said John McFadin as his last
Will and Testament in the
presence of us,

D. Dickey- Jurat
Thomas  x  Walker
          his mark,

BIBLE RECORDS (Andrew P. Gass Jr. & Sr.)

This Bible was in the hands of Arthur E. Gass, Dallas, Texas, and now with his son of the same name in San Antonio, Texas.

Andrew P. Gass, Sr.              Married  Aug 9, 1812,   Mary P. Moyers
Born Apr. 2, 1792                                                        Born Sept. 8, 1779
Died July 9, 1859                                                         Died Jan. 26, 1850

Children:                             Jane Gass,                born Nov. 10th, 1813,
                                           Sally Ann,                 born June 16, 1816,
                                           Margaret P.,              born March 17th, 1818,
                                           Andrew P. Jr.,           born Oct. 5th, 1819,
                                           William T.,                born Sept. 3rd, 1821.

Andrew P. Gass, Jr.               Married  Nov. 8, 1842,  Sarah Ann McFadin,
Born Oct. 5th, 1819                                                      Born Sept. 4, 1816
Died June 27th, 1861                                                    Died Jan. 31, 1878

Children:                             Mary Jane,                born Aug. 5th, 1843,
                                            William T. Gass,       born Nov. 24, 1845,
                                            Joseph Asbury,          born, Feb. 10th, 1848,
                                            Sam Fain,                  born Feb. 20th, 1851,
                                            Sarah Ann,                born Aug. 21st, 1855,
                                            Nannie Given Gass,  born March 13th, 1858.

Marriages of Children of Andrew P. Gass, Sr.

Jane Gass, and William Carter, married April 8, 1830 (Dandridge, Tenn.)
Margaret Gass and John Mitchell, married Nov. 10, 1841 (Dandridge, Tenn.)
Sally A. Gass and Adam K. Mack, married July 14, 1842 (Dandridge, Tenn.)
Andrew P. Gass Jr. & Sarah Ann McFadin, married Nov. 8, 1842 (Ky. & Tenn.)

Children of Mary P. Moyers, wife of Andrew P. Gass, Sr. by former marriage.

Thomas J. Alexander and Mary Moyers, married Oct. 24, 1828
T. W. Moyers and Sarah D. James, married Aug. 16, 1832
Mathew Leeper and Sarah Moyers, married June 18, 1849
Polly Moyers, born 5-10-1806, married 6-18-1819 [but not to whom, perhaps the date should be her death, as she would be 13.]
Sarah Moyers, born 6-22-1800, married Mathew Leeper
Jacob Moyers, born 3-8-1802,  (married) died 10-7-1843
Cornelius Moyers, born 1-13-1804
John Moyers, born 3-23-1807
Wagley Moyers, born 10-25-1809

Children of Andrew P. Gass, Jr. & Sarah Ann McFadin.

Mary Jane Gass, born 8-5-1843, died 12-1-1861 [very clearly December on original, so Nellie made a mistake in typing month as 1.]
William T. Gass, born 11-24-1845, mrd. Nannie Givan, (1st Mrg.) 2-16-1869
Joseph A. Gass, born 2-10-1848, (bachelor) died at St. Joe Texas, ca. 1918
Sam Fain Gass, born, 2-20-1851, mrd. Sept. 1875 at Whitewright, Texas, died St.
                                                                                                                  Joe Texas
Sarah Ann Gass, born, 8-21-1855, Mrd. J. C. Cobb, 10-29-1878, Dodd City, Texas
Nannie G. Gass, born, 3-13-1858, mrd. Bob Claire, died Houston, Texas [here the name Claire is spelled correctly, but they did now know she died with a different daughter in Austin; Jim has a copy of the death certificate.]


This Bible is in the hands of Nellie Gass Nunn ( Mrs. Chas. G. Nunn)

William Thomas Gass, (born 1845)

Mary Gass, eldest daughter of W. T. & Nannie Gass, born May 20, 1870
Infant daughter, (no name) born Feby 12, 1872
Wm. Givan Gass, Jany 24, 1874 (oldest son by 1st marriage)
Bessie Gass, born Sept. 20, 1876.

[There are many versions of these bible pages in Nellie's typewritting; all have been compared with the original pages as found, excepting the Andrew P. Gass, Sr. bible which has not been found in recent years.]

This Bible was in the hands of Nellie Gass Nunn (Mrs. Chas. G. Nunn)
and is now in the hands of her son Milton Nunn in Dallas.

Bible of the Family of William Thomas Gass, (born 1845)


Mary Gass, eldest daughter of W.T. & Nannie Gass, born May 20, 1870.
                                                                                   [changed from 1869]
Infant daughter, (no name)        born Feby 12, 1872.
Wm. Givan Gass,                      born Jany 24, 1874. (oldest son by 1st marriage)
Bessie Gass,                              born Sept. 20, 1876.
Gus. Evans Gass,                      (died infancy)
Mary and Fannie Gass, (twins) born Oct. 30, 1885. (2nd marriage W. T. Gass & M. McDade)
Maud Valentine Gass,               born Feby 14, 1887.
Thomas Alexander Gass,          born June 28, 1888.
Clovia Hill Gass,                       born March 27, 1890.
Irene Gass,                                born Nov. 5, 1891.
Arthur Edward Gass,                born Sept. 9, 1894.
Nellie Rebecca Gass,                born April 8, 1896.

Births continued on a second page.

Andrew Gass,                           born April 2, 1792, North Carolina (Senior)
Mary P. Gass,                           born Sept. 8, 1779      "          "
Jane Gass,                                 born Nov. 10, 1813, Tennessee
Julia A. Gass,                            born June 17, 1816          "
Margaret P. Gass,                      born March 17, 1818       "
Andrew P. Gass, (Jr.)                born Oct. 5, 1819             "
W. T. Gass, Sr.                          born Sept. 3, 1821           "
Mary Jane Gass,                        born Aug. 5, 1843           "
W. T. Gass, Jr.                           born Nov. 24, 1845         "
Jos. A. Gass,                              born Feby 10, 1848         "
Sam F. Gass,                              born Feby 20, 1851        "
Sallie A. Gass,                           born Aug. 21, 1855          "
Nannie P. Gass,                         born March 13, 1858       "


Andrew Gass and Mary P. Moyers were married Sept. 8th, 1812.
Andrew P. Gass (Jr.) and Sarah A. McFadin, married Nov. 8, 1842.
W. T. Gass, Sr. and Ann Moyers, married Aug, 10, 1844.
W. T. Gass, Jr. and Nannie Givan, married Feby 16, 1869. (1st Mrg.)
W. T. Gass, Jr. and Maud McDade, married Nov. 1, 1883. (2nd Mrg.)
Bessie Gass and Riley Barlow, married April 7, 1897.
Mary Gass and Jas. P. Miller, married Feby. 18, 1906.
Frances Gass and B. N. Smith, married April 29, 1906.
Clovia Hill Gass and D. S. Holder, married Sept. 14, 1906.
Irene Gass and Roy C. Johnston, married Sept. 23, 1914.
Arthur Edward Gass and Alice Fooshee, married June 23, 1923.
Nellie Gass and Charles Greenwood Nunn, married April 30, 1921.


Mary P. Gass (Grand Ma) died Jan. 26, 1850, age 74 yr, 4 mo. 16 da.
Andrew P. Gass, (Grand Pa) died July 9, 1859, age 67 yr. 3 mo. 7 da.
Andrew Powell Gass (Father) died June 27, 1861, age 41 yr. 8 mo. 32 da.
Mary Jane Gass, (Sister) died Dec. 1st, 1861, age 18 yr. 3 mo. 25 da.
Sarah Ann Gass, (Mother) died Jan. 31, 1878, age 62 years.
Mary Gass (Daughter) died July 26, 1870, 2 mo. 7 days.
Infant daughter, (no name) died Feby. 13, 1872, 1 day.
Gus. Evans Gass, (died in infancy)
Nannie Givan Gass, died Oct. 6th, 1881, 32 yrs. 10 mo. 13 da.
Maud Valentine Gass, died Aug. 30, 1887, 6 months, 16 days.
Thomas Alexander Gass, died Mar. 25, 1920, 32 yrs. (brother)
W. T. Gass, (Father) died May 16, 1914, age 69 years.
Maud McDade Gass, (Mother) died Dec. 2, 1940, age 87 years.
Mary Gass (Miller) Neal, died Feb. 21, 1950, age 64 years.
Frances Gass Smith, died Nov. 30, 1952, age 67 years.
Clovia H. Gass Gilbreath, died Feb. 7, 1961, age 72 years.
B. N. Smith, died January 31, 1956.

Places Where Buried.

Andrew P. Gass, Sr. & Mary P. Moyers, buried Spring Hill Cemetery,
                                                                 Dandridge, Tenn.,  Jefferson County.
Andrew P. Gass, Jr. & Sarah A. McFadin, buried, Inglish Cemetery,
                                                                  Bonham, Texas.
W. T. Gass, Sr. (Uncle) & Ann Moyers, buried Dayton, Tenn., Rhea County.
Nannie Givan Gass, buried Inglish Cemetery, Bonham, Texas, (1st marriage)
W. T. Gass, Jr. & Maud McDade Gass, buried, Inglish Cemetery, Bonham, Texas
Bessie Gass Barlow & Riley Barlow, buried Waco, Texas.
Mary Gass (Miller) Neal, buried San Angelo, Texas,
Frances Gass Smith & B. N. Smith, buried Alexandria, La.
Thomas Alexander Gass, (brother) buried Inglish Cemetery, Bonham, Texas
                                                        (died in Waco, Texas)
Mary J. Gass, (Papa's sister, died 1861) buried Inglish C. Bonham, Texas
(Infant children of Papa's 1st marriage, buried Inglish C. Bonham, Texas
Sam F. Gass & wife Nannie, buried at St. Joe, Texas, (Uncle)
Jos. A. Gass, (bachelor) buried St. Joe, Texas, (died about 1917).

William T. Gass, biography, taken from
Bigraphical Souvenir, published in 1889,
by F. A. Battey & Company, Chicago.

 William T. Gass was born November 24, 1845, in Jefferson County, Tennessee. His paternal grand-father, a native of Ireland, came to America at an early period in the history of the country and settled in North Carolina. Andrew, grandfather of William T. was born in that state and took an active part in the war which led to the independence of this country. Later he moved to Tennessee, in which state Andrew P. Gass, father of William T. had his birth. On the maternal side, Elias McFadden, grandfather of William T. Gass, was a pioneer of Kentucky, and was an associate of Boone, Kenton, and other early settlers of the "dark and bloody ground". He built a blockhouse midway between the new cities of Glasgow and Bowling Green, the third house build in Kentucky, and in the War of 1812 was distinguished for his many acts of bravery. His daughter, Sarah A. was born in the State of Kentucky, and about 1838 became the bride of Andrew P. Gass.

 William T. Gass was born November 24, 1845, in Dandridge and reared on the home farm in Rhea County, Tennessee, and attended the district schools of the neighborhood and Mars Hill Academy, until the age of thirteen, in 1858 his parents came to Texas. In 1861 his Father died at an early age of fourty-two, and the same year William T. enlisted in the Eleventh Texas battery in General Maxey's division, being then only sixteen years of age. At Old Fort Wayne he was wounded slightly, but was soon restored to health and rejoined his command, and served until the close of the War, mostly in Arkansas, Missouri and the Indian Territory, and was also seriously wounded at Pryor's Creek, Indian Territory. At the close he returned to Bonham and became editor of the News, but sold out in 1873 to Piner & Chisholm. In 1886 he was appointed State agent by the board of school lands, established at Austin in 1883, whose province it is to care for the lease and sale of millions of acres of school lands in the State. In 1888 he settled in Dodd City and became editor of the Spectator, a journal of great local popularity.

 Mr. Gass has been twice married. First, in 1865 to Miss Nancy F. Givan, daughter of William Givan of Tennessee, and the fruit of this union was represented by two children; Givan and Bessie. The second marriage of Mr. Gass was in 1883, to Miss Maud McDade, a native of Louisana, and this union has been blessed by the birth of Mary and Fannie (twins), and Thomas. Mr. Gass is a Royal Arch Mason, a Knight of Pythias, and a Knight of Honor.


[No evidence of Revolutionary War service by Samuel has been found yet. His son Andrew P. Gass Sr. was born in 1792 so could not have served as stated here.

Arthur Gass said Andrew P. Gass, Jr. was in Indian Territory and got sick with a fever. The Jefferson County book also said Andrew was killed in Indian Territory in the Civil War. Arthur said he was returned to Bonham by buckboard and died at home. His son joined the same unit and his mother sent him with his slave Jim to watch out for him. No notice of Andrew's Civil War service is noted by Nellie in the DAR applications.]


 I,                                    by right of lineal descent in the following line from Samuel Gass, who was born probably in Dublin Ireland, about 1760, and died in Dandridge, Tenessee, June, 1839, (Jefferson County)

 His place of residence during the Revolution was North Carolina.

1.  I am the              of Floyd Hughes Cowan, born on          at                    died at            on,         and his first wife, Mary Buckner Nunn, born on Aug. 21, 1923, at Bonham, Texas, died at                on,            married on July 17, 1943, Sherman, Texas)

2.  The said Mary B. Nunn was the child of Charles Greenwood Nunn, born Dec. 4, 1868, at Bonham, Texas, died at             on           and his 2nd wife, Nellie Rebecca Gass, born on April 8, 1896, at Mt. Vernon, Texas, died              at             married Apr. 30, 1921, at Dallas, Texas, (St. Matthews Episcopal Cathederal).

3.  The said Nellie Rebecca Gass was the child of William Thomas Gass, born on Nov. 24, 1845, at Dandridge, Tenn, died at Bonham, Texas, on May 18, 1914, and his second wife, Maud McDade Gass, born on Oct. 13, 1853, at Fillmore, Bossier Parish, McDade Plantation, La. died at La. Compti, La. on Dec. 2, 1940, (Lett Private Sant.) on Dec. 2, 1940, married on Nov. 1, 1883, (Fillmore La) (buried at Bonham).

4.  The said William Thomas Gass was the child of Andrew P. Gass, Jr. born on Oct. 5, 1819, at Dandridge, Tenn, died at Bonham, Texas, on June 27, 1861, and his first wife, Sarah Ann McFadin, born on Sept. 4, 1816, at Bowling Green, Ky, died at Bonham, Texas, on Jan. 31, 1878 married on Nov. 8, 1842.

5.  The said Andrew P. Gass, Jr. was the child of Andrew P. Gass, Sr. born on April 2, 1792, at North Carolina, died at Dandridge, Tenn, on July 9, 1859, and his 1st wife, Mary P. (Collins) Gass, widow, born on September 8, 1778, at Botetourt County, Va. died at Dandridge, Tenn, on Jan 26, 1850, married Sept. 8, 1812.

6.  The said Andrew P. Gass, Sr. was the child of Samuel Gass, born about 1760, at Dublin Ireland, died at Dandridge, Tenn. on June 5, about 1839, married about 1780. His wife Rebeckah ___________ born about 1760, died Danridge, Tenn, about 1840.

War Records of Ancestors.

1st Generation:  Capt. Floyd H. Cowan, Trans. Corps, (Railway Betallon, World War, No. II, France & Germany, 1943,
2nd     "        :  Chas. G. Nunn (No war record)
3rd      "      :  William Thomas Gass, Civil War, 11th Texas Btry, Genl. Maxey's Division, (flag bearer, enlisted at Bonham, Texas)
4th      "      :  Andrew P. Jass, Jr. died 1861, (no War record)
5th      "      :  Andrew P. Gass, Sr. War 1812, Tenn. Volunteers, Battle of New Orleans.
6th      "      :  Samuel Gass, North Carolina, Revolution, fighting Chicamouga Indians. (1776) [This needs to be researched as it would be interesting if true; even if it is not, the DAR would have been satisifed with the McFadin ancestors or the McDades for those that are McDade.]

Transcribers Note:

Nellie must have been very interested in the DAR since she made many versions of these applications for nearly everyone in her family. There are a number of them for the Nunn Family that are not transcribed here; the data for their ancestors has been added to Jim's genealogy file, so if you are this family contact me to get the data.

See her letter below:

                                                          Bonham, Texas.
                                                           April 16, 1971.

Daughters of the American Revolution:

 Inclosed please find copy of the Application to join your Chapter, by my Great Niece, Lide Taylor Cooke, (Mrs. William Eugene Anderson), to join the DAR. I am asking that she goes in on my number, 445424, (James McDade, Rev. fighter, who fought in South Carolina during the Revolution). I was admitted to the chapter here, June 6th, 1956.

                                                           Yours Very Truly,

                                                        signed Nellie Gass Nunn
                                                         (Mrs. Chas. G. Nunn)

No. 445424


 I,                                    by right of lineal descent in the following line from Samuel Gass, who was born probably in Dublin Ireland, about 1760, and died in Dandridge, Tenessee, June, 1839, (Jefferson County)

 His place of residence during the Revolution was North Carolina.

1.  I am the              of John Milton Nunn, born on Oct. 17, 1927 at Bonham, Texas died at            on,         and his first wife, Margaret Ann Browning, born on Oct. 23, 1927, at             , died at                on,            married on May 23, 1948, at Denton, Texas, "Chapel In the Woods", TSCW Campus.

2.  The said John Milton Nunn was the child of Charles Greenwood Nunn, born Dec. 4, 1868, at Bonham, Texas, died at             on           and his 2nd wife, Nellie Rebecca Gass, born on April 8, 1896, at Mt. Vernon, Texas, died              at        on,           married Apr. 30, 1921, at Dallas, Texas, (St. Matthews Episcopal Cathederal) by Rev. Dean Randolph Ray.

3.  The said Nellie Rebecca Gass was the child of William Thomas Gass, born on Nov. 24, 1845, at Dandridge, Tenn, died at Bonham, Texas, on May 18, 1914, and his second wife, Maud McDade Gass, born on Oct. 13, 1853, at Fillmore, Bossier Parish, McDade Plantation, La. died at La. Compti, La. on Dec. 2, 1940, (Lett Private Sant.) on Dec. 2, 1940, married on Nov. 1, 1883, (Fillmore La) (buried at Bonham).

4.  The said William Thomas Gass was the child of Andrew P. Gass, Jr. born on Oct. 5, 1819, at Dandridge, Tenn, died at Bonham, Texas, on June 27, 1861, and his first wife, Sarah Ann McFadin, born on Sept. 4, 1816, at Bowling Green, Ky, died at Bonham, Texas, on Jan. 31, 1878 married on Nov. 8, 1842.

5.  The said Andrew P. Gass, Jr. was the child of Andrew P. Gass, Sr. born on April 2, 1792, at North Carolina, died at Dandridge, Tenn, on July 9, 1859, and his 1st wife, Mary P. (Collins) Gass, widow, born on September 8, 1778, at Botetourt County, Va. died at Dandridge, Tenn, on Jan 26, 1850, married Sept. 8, 1812.

6.  The said Andrew P. Gass, Sr. was the child of Samuel Gass, born about 1760, at Dublin Ireland, died at Dandridge, Tenn. on June 5, about 1839, married about 1780. His wife Rebeckah ___________ born about 1760, died Danridge, Tenn, about 1840.

War Records of Ancestors.

1.  William Thomas Gass, (born 1845) Civil War, 11th Texas Btry, Genl Maxey's Division, (flag bearer, enlisted at Bonham, Texas)
2.  Andrew P. Jass, Jr. died 1861, (no War record)
3.  Andrew P. Gass, Sr. War 1812, Tenn. Volunteers, Battle of New Orleans.
4th,  Samuel Gass, North Carolina, Revolution, fighting Chicamouga Indians. (1776)

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