"Died at Helena, Montana
Saturday January 9th 1892 at
7:15 AM John Townsend Gilpatrick
aged 87 yrs - 9 mo - 7 da -.
Died in Helena Montana January
16th 1892 at 1 PM Ann Gilpatrick
aged 85 yr 11 months 1 day
She was christened "Nancy" Collins
and is so named in the old record of
the Collins family bible

Apparently these are the parents
of Stephen C. Gilpatrick."

Bible from the American Bible Society 1846, on New Testament title page in the middle of the Bible.

Jim's guess that the handwriting on the title page was of Stephen Gilpatrick since it was in his possession and there is another family bible, apparently also an older Collins family bible, that has not been relocated in 2002.

This bible is in the possession of Jana Gilpatrick Hanner in Abilene, Texas. It was given to her by her grandfather Stephen because it was falling apart and he knew she would spend the money to have it repaired. She has had it handsomely rebound. I should have photographed the cover too.

There is another unaccounted for Collins bible that this bible refers to. Stephen Fergus Gilpatrick was had it and we have not relocated it.

This bible is for the Collins family of Lynn, Massachusetts, who migrated west to Illinois, Wisconsin, and then Montana. Family names and dates for their vital records are all used in my genealogy.

Clipping inside front cover with note and arrow from 1862:

The loss of the vessel is recorded in:

Frederick Way's book Way's Packet directory, 1848-1983 : passenger steamboats of the Mississippi River system since the advent of photography in mid-continent America. Published in Athens, Ohio by Ohio University 1983. Located in the Historical Society Library stacks in Madison Wisconsin HE565 U5 W39 1983.

0917 CERES

SW p wh b. Jeffersonville, Ind., by Howard, 1853. 166 x 37.6 x 5. In 1854 running New Orleans-Bayou Sara, Capt. William McCombs, in place of the BELLA DONNA. In 1960 [sic], New Orleans-Red River, Capt. J. J. Labarthe. In 1861 owned at New Orleans by New Orleans, Opelousas & Great Western RR, Capt. T. K. Porter. Exploded and lost at St. Joseph Island, La., Oct. 9, 1862, with loss of 12 lives.

No photograph of this vessel.

John Henry Gilpatrick
obituary from the Shullsburg Wisconsin
Pick and Gad, May 11, 1911, 29(46):5.

--Henry Gilpatrick was born in Maine in 1831, and attended for a time Bowdoin College in that state. He came west and settled in White Oak Springs, where his father kept a general store for many years. He became a pilot on the Mississippi when that river was the home of so many palatial steamers, and on which most travel from the south was done. He had the reputation of being the best pilot on the river between St. Louis and St. Paul, being for many years employed on the old Eagle line. He naturally acquired the gentlemanly habits so general on the steamboats of that day and having naturally a kind disposition became a most lovable character. He was friendly with all and his cheerful life left a ray of sunshine in his life's path. His death occurring May 6th, 1911, was the direct result of a stroke of apoplexy and he was buried at the old White Oak cemetary on the Monday following. Rev. Callahan delivered a beautiful address at his funeral and the choir from Veta Grande furnished excellent music. Deceased had been clerk of his town for many years and was always an efficient and willing officer. He had excellent literary tastes and enjoyed good reading. He was of old New England Presbyterian stock and of excellent family, his mother being a Collins. Henry will be greatly missed. He was one of the last of the old White Oak crowd, and no one has left more kind remembrances behind him.

While searching for the above, from the Pick & Gad May 18, 1911, 29(47):8.

Back to Adam

A parchment roll over a foot wide and nineteen feet long containing the genealogical tree of King Henry VI is in the Welsh National library at Aterystwith. The work is beautifully executed in tabular fashion of the latter half of the fifteenth century and is illuminated with miniatures, rich capitals and red ornamental letters. The pedigree is traced from Adam, and the particulars occupy a red line of six yards on the scroll. On the left side of the pedigree appears the list of archbishops of Canterbury down to John Stafford and on the right side the list of Welsh princes down to Edward I.--Dundee/Advertiser.

Gilpatrick family in White Oak Springs Census data

Jim had been looking for them unsuccessfully in the Galena, Illinois census and vital records because that is where I thought they lived with the family having sons that were Mississippi River pilots.

I found them in the White Oak Springs census as neighbors of the Blackstones when I searched Blackstones in the 1880 census the LDS put on CD-ROM. So nice of them.

While at Madison in June 2002, I took the opportunity to search the other census years for Gilpatricks in White Oak Springs, Wisconsin. Not all the family members were found probably because they were off to school or working elsewhere at the time.

There is a George Gilpatrick in Benton, Iowa county then but Lafayette county now, just west of White Oak Springs. Both George and John Townsend Gilpatrick are in the same area in several Wisconsin State censuses as well as the federal censuses. I think they are brothers. J. T. 's brother George is born Jan. 26, 1813 in Saco.

In the 1850 federal census George Gilpatrick was a miner from Maine. He is listed there as single along with a bunch of other single miners. His age is either 54 or 59, the writing is not good. He is in the Town of Benton, District 5, page 411.

Apparently this George was in Wisconsin Territory before John T. Gilpatrick and maybe even they were together at first. In the book I looked at summarizing the Wisconsin territory or state census of 1836 (also 1842 and other years) George Gilpatrick is in the Western Division, Iowa County with 6 persons in his family. Either his family was all miners or more likely our Gilpatricks of 3 sons and John T. and Ann Gilpatrick were with him at first totaling the 6.

John T., Ann, and S. C. Gilpatrick are in White Oak Springs in the 1850 census on 18 September in district 5, page 468-469. J. T. is age 46 from Maine, a merchant, with $600 real estate. S. C. is attending school. No other persons. J. T. is also in the 1855 state census.

J. T., Ann, and S. C. Gillpatrick are in the same place in 1860 census. Same data for J. T., and this time with $795 in personal property in addition to the the real estate worth $600. S. C. is a clerk. In between Ann and S. C. is Caroline McCullens? age 13, female born New York. So she is the one in the 1880 census and apparently adopted unofficially as later never any last name. No occupation for her. Page 82.

John T., Ann, Carrie Gilpatrick same place in 1870. Carrie is listed as 21 and at home. There is another word that I could not read after merchant. Perhaps Beloit, a town due east. $1000 real and $1400 personal estate. Page 508.

John T., Ann, John H., and Carrie Gilpatrick are in the 1880 census. J. T. is postmaster, John H. is a laborer and Carrie is blank for occupation. Page 203.

In the 1885 State of Wisconsin census there is a H. Gilpatrick in White Oak Springs on page 89. He is listed as the 1 male. No other family members. Of course the 1890 census burned so there is nothing left for our area.

In 1900 in White Oak Springs our John Henry Gilpatrick is listed by himself as Herold Gilpatrick, retired. No one else. Page 139B.

In 1910 John H. Gilpatrick age 68 is "widowed" and the town clerk. Page 138-B. He died in 1911 and I looked in 1920 and he is not there. I found his obituary and probate records later.

John H. Gilpatrick Probate Records
in Lafayette County Courthouse in Darlington

No. 3695
Estate of
John H. Gilpatrick

Looks like after all the bills were submitted and the real estate sold there was a balance of $68.03 that was due to his brother Stephen Collins Gilpatrick in Montana.

Stephen Collins Gilpatrick calls his brother Henry. "Brother Henry's wife died some years ago. No surviving children by the union." There are no vital records for any of Henry's family in Wisconsin, not even his death that was in found in the obit.

There were lots of other items not looking as interesting as these.

There is not mention of a tombstone and none was found in either cemetery found in White Oak Springs in 2002.

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