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    My Gilpatricks came from Maine and the Collins from Massachusetts and ended up in Montana. A lot is known about James Fergus, Luella Gilpatrick's father. Go to the other section for Fergus Family.

    I have transcribed a number of things written by my family. Have a look.

James Fergus letter to Luella in 1898

Luella Fergus Gilpatrick Sketch

Stephen C. Gilpatrick Narrative

Stephen C. Gilpatrick Story

Information on the family in Massachusetts, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Montana. Some from the Collins bible.
Collins Bible & Gilpatrick Family

Want to look at an old marriage certificate for Zaccheus Collins and Elizabeth Sawyer in 1722?

I have a nice narrative written by my grandmother's cousin Stephen Fergus Gilpatrick about ranching near Lewistown. I will send it to cousins if they ask.

Some Miscellaneous Links--some mine, some others.

Luella Fergus Gilpatrick mentioned the vigilantes
History of Southern Montana--Chapter XXI
History of Southern Montana--Chapter XXIX

and she knew
Vigilantes of Montana by Prof. Thomas J. Dimsdale
The old page is gone and the book by this name shows the same URL as below, but when I select the book it shows the table of contents. You can always search for it yourself!

More yet on Vigilantes!

Tombstone of Thomas Killpatrick or Gilpatrick in Maine. He is the first of our line and came from Northern Ireland. Would be nice to find his family back to Scotland.

I am not positive about how we connect to the first Gilpatrick family in Maine, but I am sure we do. Ours is a Samuel Gilpatrick and I have found his marriage in a book about Saco in York County, Maine. Unfortunately, there are several families with Samuels and I am not certain which one is ours. So if you have information on Gilpatrick family with all the spelling variations, I would love to hear from you.

New!!! And now the text from the book by G. T. Ridlon Saco Valley Settlements and Families, the section on Killpatrick and Gillpatrick. Text with his genealogy notes on various families.

Work in Slowed Progress Expanded

    I have worked on Fergus families from the same area around Glasgow — now expanded to the area around Edinburgh with the addition of other name variations and Killpatrick from the same areas and source.
My main family collection of Gilpatrick genealogy originating in Maine is here:

    I have compiled data from the LDS Scottish Church Records CD-ROM into families as best I can. Please have a look and let me know how to add your Fergus or Killpatrick  family or correct what I have.
You may look here and download the gedcom file for these 4,938 Fergus & Killpatrick persons--none of them living now.

I had a bit of trouble making it usable. Labeling it a .ged file seems not to preserve the line returns to keep stuff neat and orderly. When I save it as a text file when it already was then I can not open it in Netscape. So I saved it as html and it looks great on the web. I renamed it .ged instead of .html so I think it might display for you and give the correct file type. If not rename it to .ged and it should work with your genealogy program.

    My Fergus and Gilpatrick (Killpatrick) families may have a common connection. Christian Pollock is in both groups by marriage. It was easiest do do all the searching updating of the first file as one group in the same file.

Gilpatrick/Killpatrick  Name Variations
from Scottish Church Records CD-ROM (LDS)
names use interchangeably in the same family
My family uses Gilpatrick

KILPATRICK — vast majority

also in Maine

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