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Luella, Your Mother was born in the township of Pamelia either in Jefferson or St. Lawrence county, New York, I forget which it was near the line of the two counties. I know little or nothing about her Father's family further than both his and your Grandmothers families were originally from New England, the Bellow's your Grandmothers maiden name were among its first settlers. She was left an orphan when quite young, was adopted into the family of General Brown, a General in the war of 1812, and brought up as one of his own children, fulfilling a promise he made to her father - who was an intimate friend - before his death. After marrying Wm. Dillin they lived in New York State some twenty years where several children was born to them. The eldest named Pamelia after Mrs. General Brown. They moved to Henry County Illinois in the dead of winter with horse teams a great undertaking in those days, you know the rest; what a house full we had in Minnesota, school ma'ams and a minester? included how we lived the first part of the time almost among the Indians, were there during the Souix (sic) outbreak. Know about your trip to Montana by Omaha to avoid hostile Indians takeing five months to a day. How we lived in the Prickly Pear Valley when the Indians were hostile killing a man near the gate of the mountains, how we moved to the old Clark place not long after the Indians killed Clark, how she came down here and lived where where (sic) she did not see a white woman for three months. How her door was always open to the weary travellar and down here always with out pay. Three things your Mother was noted for courage, kindnes to the unfortunate and doing everything well. If there is any thing else you want to know I will tell you if I can, as regards the courage I recollect her being sent for by the doctor at Little Falls to help do up a mans hand where the men fainted, and when Mrs. Geo. Stephens had a baby she had to take care of both her and the doctor who fainted and her butter and table in the carry on was proof of her doing things well. Hope you and Collins will be able to do justice to your Mothers memory for I cant now. James Fergus

Deliver your paper to Mrs. Howey but I would like to see despite? if there is time.

Handwritten letter in one paragraph, good copy but still difficult to make out all the letters or words.

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