Reassurance of Privacy Statement

        Since I retired in late 1994, I have gotten the genealogy bug. I love to research my ancestors and find out where my family has lived, past and present. I enjoy traveling to those places and visiting some of the cousins. I like to have the complete data on cousins and ancestors. That means full names, nicknames, and accurate dates and places for births, marriages, and deaths, for all ancestors and descendants. Whenever possible I like to get pictures to add to charts of different family groups.

        The only place I ever use complete information on any family is my own direct family. They were published on the web to begin with and we never have had any trouble. So from my children the web pages have dates and places and all the aunts and uncles in my direct line. Never cousins.

        So when I update my pages of web cards for cousins of my grandparents, they will remain the same as now, without personal information on living persons. My program uses a privacy filter to supply only the initials for the first and middle names and no dates nor places for anyone not over 100 years old or with a death date. When I have only a name and no dates or places it assumes they are dead, so it is much better to have the data to keep the name private. When I have the full information it will only be given on request to actual cousins.

        Rarely, a family has requested that even the abbreviated data not be placed on the web and then I honor the request. They are a small part of the family and did say I could use the information on charts and for actual cousins. Likewise, I only give out addresses to actual cousins and only my own is on my web pages.

        Thank you for sending the additional information on corrections and updates. First, you should contact me and explain who you are and how you relate to the others or me. Then I would send you a report of those cousins that are yours or you are interested in knowing about. You could then see what information is incorrect or incomplete and help keep the family up to date. Also I will share addresses for your cousins and help make contact, except for those rare individuals that wish to remain private.

        I like best to have all cousins with correct and complete information, even though it is not displayed on the web pages. So please do contact me and help me be in contact with other cousins I don't know about.

        In the past my web pages have included much information on ancestors I found in the LDS Ancestor File ( ). I ask that people go there themselves to see the data on their families. I don't have the sources and original data so I can't be of further help. This edition of my web cards will be limited in generations of those ancestors.

        The automatic indexing of the web cards for ancestors and cousins seems only to do as it likes and index persons with full names and data. So I suggest you use it as you should do genealogy, not starting with yourself, but with your oldest known ancestors in hopes that someone has already researched them for you!

James R. Dangel
1504 Sawmill Creek Road
Sitka, Alaska 99835 USA

Phone:    907-747-3348


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