Keet's Family Cards
by Jim Dangel

Jim & Keet 25 February 2002





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Jim's various family branches come from Alsace, France--sometimes Germany, for my Dangel family name, Slovenia for my father's mother (Versic & Kramberger) -- used to be Austria, and all across the United States back to Great Britain for my mother's family (including Claire, Gilpatrick, Blackstone, Fergus). My mother's family came from Europe mostly in the 1600's; only a hundred years ago for my father's family from Europe. 

This is for all the ancestors of my children and my new grandson Keet. To see more detailed information on cousins, see the Web Cards for ancestors of my grandparents or of the children. Those include all known descendants of those ancestors. 

The information on living family members is limited to their initials, instead of full names, and contain no birth dates or places. Please contact me if you are family and I would be love to share data.

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