"European Journeys"

This is the first article I wrote after I retired and got the genealogy and travel bug.

    Initially I just started writing so my sisters would have some idea of my experiences from my trips. They actually told me they enjoyed reading it! After years of working and writing technical reports where that was definitely not the case I was floored. So this is for the years 1995 to 1998.

    This article was almost word for word exactly as I wrote it, excepting they replaced my title and used the one on the cover as the lead article for an issue on the subject. They never acknowledged me sending in the article nor contacted me at all till after I had the first telephone call concerning it--the email address was already replaced and I had no chance to update it. Since I never have subscribed to the magazine I did not know it was there till the telephone call, then I had to wait for the issue to arrive at the Family History Center. I received the only money I ever earned as a writer from this publication--$160 I had to pay income tax on.

    At about the same time I submitted this article, I sent the Slovenian section as an article to Slovenija magazine in Ljubljana. They were the same in not contacting me. I found the article when I flipped the pages in my magazine and found the picture of me and my name and article.

    I have since written several articles including an update of the Slovenian article, but none recently. I was so glad to retire as a fishery biologist from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game without completing the technical reports plaguing me for my final year. Nothing I could do would satisfy the editors and reviewers. Fortunately, retirement was between me and the retirement people and I did not even have to advise my supervisor I was retiring (he knew anyway). On my last time sheet I wrote that was the last one they were getting from me!!! A complete waste of time filling in fictitious hours on a time sheet when they were going to pay me a salary with no variation in wages regardless as I was not eligible as a professional for overtime.

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