Gilpatrick Family Cards
All Maine Gilpatrick/Gillpatrick Family Compilation

by Jim Dangel

Jim with his Grandma born (Mary) Luella Gilpatrick





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        I am back to working on my collection of Gilpatrick data. It has been put it off long enough. No one has found the "for sure" father of my Samuel gggg grandfather for me. So I figure if I try to compile everyone where they are known to fit best, that I might find which Samuels are not mine, and hopefully find the correct family of my Samuel Gilpatrick.

        This is a work in progress and never up to date. Please contact me and send me a gedcom or text data with your Gilpatrick family. Then I will merge or make corrections. I do not provide data on living persons on my web site but I do share it with real cousins. I like to make notes about my sources with each individual record, so if you are a cousin ask for a gedcom with data on living persons and send me yours. See my privacy policy.

        Everyone Gilpatrick of all spelling variations, if they are from Maine originally, are no doubt cousins. I have collected a lot of them and searched the web for more. Here are some name variations from the Scottish Church Records CD-ROM (Also on where they are beginning to connect families in the IGI.) These names were used interchangeably in the same family. Apparently few persons could write and spelling was rather relaxed, even in Maine.

In Scotland:

GILPATRICK — which my family uses
KILPATRICK — vast majority

In addition in Maine:


        This is a good time for me to have you update me on what you might have provided me before. To send me a gedcom file preferably or a report, as an attachment or better yet, in the text of the message.

        Please tell me if you know I have connections wrong or names and dates and places needing help. Sometimes the same people are recorded in the wrong families, as in the IGI belonging to more than one family, submitted by different people. It would be nice to see every original document but many do not exist and getting to all of them is not possible.

        Likewise, if Gilpatrick is not spelled as your family used it - tell me. I will include a note to keep it the same as you wish.

        It would be nice to have real data for living cousins. It is hard to know how we are related if you are unknown in a file. See my note on privacy. It is always interesting to know where people live and something about them. Also, which cousins would like contact that I don't know about. Please do forward this to others.

        I have completed going thru the section on Killpatrick and Gillpatrick of Saco Valley Settlements and Families by Gideon T. Ridlon. I tried to merge his data with mine and data from other researchers of the family on the internet. I tried to replace wrong or incomplete data with newer data from cousins with better information, that is closer to their families.

         I do not see any sources in this book. However, I found one good web site that details much on the history of the family and lists sources:

        I have worked on compiling Gilpatrick/Killpatrick families, with many name variations, from the area around Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland. Apparently ours went from there to Ireland and then to Maine, which is not proven and probably missing generations, as is the case with this series of web cards too, but it is fun to see. The source is the LDS Scottish Church Records CD-ROM which I have started to place into families as best I can. Find in from here:

        Do you want a complete Gilpatrick gedcom when I am finished? Send me your file of your Gilpatrick please!

        Remember, I like to hear from my cousins, to know a little about them, where they live, how they relate to me.

          All over the US and Europe, if one could reach back in time, there are pockets of love waiting to be opened and explored. I could call on the phone "My grandmother was Luella Gilpatrick, and your father was her cousin, I would love to meet you, and I'll be in your area tomorrow." I go to a strange house, knock on a strange door, and be greeted by someone who invites me in, shares family history with me, invites me to dinner perhaps, a pocket of love forever after. Now I have someone new to write to or visit. Or I may walk up to a door in a place I do not speak the language, show a piece of paper with "Alexis Dangel" and be invited to a glass of wine and get acquainted. It is a bond of blood that makes for instant friends, more love to enjoy. Relatives are forever, glinting lights sparkling from a spot on the map, just waiting to be loved and enjoyed.

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