The Photo Shop Studio

Sitka, Alaska

from 1924 thru the end of 1972

almost 50 years of photography in the Sitka area

owners, Jim's Grandmother and her father,

Luella G. Claire then later Luella G. Smith


James H. Gilpatrick, "Gil"

[You may note that Jim has retained the family phone number and post office box. Alas, at the moment, in May 2011 I have decided $510.00 per year to retain the largest post office box and keep with tradition is too much, hence at the moment I am changing all my address places to my street delivery. Still have the same landline telephone number and wish I could also use it for cellular.]

So far there are two sections for this part of my web pages:

1. A reprint with Grandmother's corrections of an article about her in the Southeastern Log shortly before she died.

2. Notes on a trip to Glacier Bay by Great Grandfather JHG in August 1928.

3. A holding area for Shop photographs scanned as of now. Hopefully, these and many more images will be posted on public web pages.

James R. Dangel
1504 Sawmill Creek Road
Sitka, Alaska 99835 USA
Phone: 907-747-3348

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