Sept. 1928 Dad climbing glacier & Dad's writing on neg.

[Notes by Luella G. Smith on her father, James H. Gilpatrick, who had been to Glacier Bay for pictures in August 1928. Apparently same trip also to Mendenhall in Juneau and perhaps Skagway. Jim has reproduced a few of these notes on the envelopes, for each negative with a picture, for a few of them from his postcard size collection. JHG’s notes and picture on next page.]

Margaret Louise Claire (later Dangel) with her Grandfather, James Henry Gilpatrick, "Gil", at about the time of his trip to Glacier Bay and this writing. Building is the first Photo Shop in a rented building where the Sitka Lutheran Church is in its second building on the same site.

"It may be interesting to know how we get the pictures we do it is not all pleasure, but hard work and some times very dangerous, not only climbing glaciers but high up in the mountains getting up steep and dangerous clifs with a heavy pack of cameras and equippment,
The inclose shows the writer about five miles up and near the center of the Mendenhall Glacier, my camera equippment consists of three cameras 1- 7x11 tripod filters film holders and galvanized water tight case, 1, graflex and 1, panorama camera, total weight 75 pounds, a light pack for an all day jaunt, the wroter is chown with the help of one of Father Hubbards ice picks getting up on a ledge of ice that is trying to block our progress, note the two dranage holes at the back that are hundreds of feet deep and a beautiful shading of blue as it dissapears to a black hole, a slip may be fatal, yet we take these chances for pictures, fascinating, yes for a lover of pictures, this is only one of many such trips, at one time I climbed a clif with my pack for 45 minutes only to find I was trapped and could go no further, a slip ment a drop of three or four hundred feet and would mean no more picture taking for me, but holding on with my finger nails and toes I managed to descend to where I had started, being miles from another soul one gets a bit nervous, an attempt to another place also failed, but the third place tried brought me to the top of Arrow Head on Mount Verstovia,"

There is quite a pile of these, but that is all the interest I have in them as there are many many pictures from this trip, and most just remaining negatives. These are part of the collection from the Photo Shop Studio intended to be donated to Alaska State Library in Juneau to share with National Park Service in Glacier Bay.

I just found a pile of Grandmother's negatives and prints where she had gone to Glacier Bay herself. Luella G. Smith’s number 529 in her postcard size wooden file number 2, photographed Aug. 7-9/53. ASL will need to share them with NPS also.

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